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Poorly executed game. Feels and looks like a port of a mobile game.
Nothing about it is good:
- There are 10 one-screen levels, but 5 of them are hardly to be called a level, as they are just an irritating path, snaking up, with near-impossible jumps.
- No sounds, and only a short soundtrack, which then repeats.
- No story, no text, no nothing (this is only important to me since the gameplay is bad, because if it were good, that would be redeeming enough in and of itself)

In the end, it feels like a school project, not a proper game.

I am glad I did not pay for this, as I got it in a promotional mass giveaway.
Posted June 16, 2018. Last edited June 16, 2018.
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I got this in a (one dollar costing) bundle. I am glad there were more games in that bundle.
It is sort of fun but mostly horrible.
The gameplay in itself is not so bad, but the game has several issues:
No controls explanation
Once you launch, you better not tab out, or else you can't get back to it, so you have to close it through Task Manager close Steam (as ending the task in Task Manager did not even work, the app was still runnig) to then be able to launch it again.(MAJOR FLAW!)
ALL of the hitboxes (yes, all of them) are wrong or misaligned. I could run my wolf's full length into rocks, but I got stuck on the empty space between that same rock and a tree. I could run through bushes, but not through the berry bush, which had a hitbox way greater than the actual bush graphics.
This is what I could find, withing 5 minutes of playing.

TL;DR: Can't recommend, many flaws. However, if you want to run around as a wolf, sure, buy it.
Posted January 21, 2018. Last edited January 21, 2018.
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I got a -90% coupon for this, and since it then would only be 10 cents, I decided to take the gamble.
This game offers you nothing. The main screen has 2 options: Start and Exit, which speak for them themselves.
You control a cannon movbing up and down, on the left side of the screen.
You shoot fruit at a cake, with the left mouse button, and that's it. No more control, nothing.
There is no way to tell where you are aiming, just guesswork, and the trajectory is different when going up form when going down. Going up, it shoots in a flatter arc, so more horizontal momentum, goind down it shoots in a higher arc, so more vertical momentum. So, you are expect to time your shots, almost pixel perfect, by trial and error.
There are levels, I don't know how many, as I didn't enjoy it already at level 3.
The menu and restart buttons have to be clicked, there are no shortcuts.
And, best of all: When you go back to the main menu (by pressing menu) and then press start again, to try and beat that level you were stuck at, you can't. This game has no save feature whatsoever, so it puts you back at level 1.

Only 2 pro's:
It has cards, which might get me my 10 cents back (As I do not feel like refunding it.)
It has 3 achievements, which you get almost instantly, and only 0,6% of the players hae them (As of writing this, 21 Jan 2018)

TL;DR: not worth it, definitely not for €5, which was the old price.

P.S. when writing this review, I got the error: "You need to have used this product for at least 5 minutes before posting a review for it (1 minutes on record)." and I already beat 3 levels, and kept the game running to idle for cards. That's how short and bad it is. So now, I proceeded to beat 2 more levels, but the enjoyment decreased.
Posted January 21, 2018.
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Helped me to be 100%certain if my system could run VR.
I was quite certain, as I have the needed specs, but certainty is always nice.
I had already purchased the Vive, but now I know I can use it, instead of having to return it.

OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K @4.00GHz (4 cores, 8 threads)

Status: VR Ready, 9680 frames tested, 0 bound by GPU, 8 bound by CPU.

So, if you have a GTX970 and a decent CPU you should be fine.
Posted December 19, 2017. Last edited January 6, 2018.
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To start with, the reason I decided to write a review: The game has a rather good, almost beautiful, swimming animation, even for sideways and backwards swimming. This is something I've seen done badly in quite some games, including AAA titles.
Sadly, you only get to see this swimming when you jump in the sea at the end

- The swimming animation, as mentioned above
- I had a turtle as a steed (though it did not move)

- Tedious, feels like you are walking way too slow.
- Story: non-existent. It says you fell from a clif while cycling, and your bike broke, yet there is no bike, and nobody who fell like that would walk for 30 minutes to a boat, which just happened to be there. Especially, since it felt like I was lost the entire game, not knowing where to go, searching for the way which actually lead somewhere.
- Music: very loud. ominous, made me feel like something was going to jump-scare me, which didn't happen (luckily).
- Sound effects: barely any, only an obnoxious waterfall, which was distance triggered, and the sea. There might have been some softer ones, but I couldn't hear them, because I had my volume turned way down, because of the music.
- Settings: They suck. Game resorts to it's defaults every time, which means it sets the graphics to something weird, which makes it near impossible to get it right. It also sets my language to German everytime on start-up, since I had to force close it first time (due to the graphics, I couldn't click continue) and it was on German then. And of course, as is normal with this quality of games: no sound or music volume settings.
- Physics: Bad, you jump way too high, and you can walk up wet steep hills.
- Graphics: Mediocre, which is bad for a game that is basically a graphics showcase. Mind you, I had my settings on Ultra. I encountered plants so thin, you couldn't see them from the side, doors which looked painted on, and some other oddities.
- Environmental interaction: little to none, the birds and deer scare off, and the croc snaps at you (but doesn't do anything, I went on to jump on it)
- Controls: Absolute horror, WASD is moving and mouse moves camera, so that's fine, but don't ever touch a mouse button, or the game will go back to the starting point, the 'crash site'


Walking simulators are a niche, and not always my style. There are good ones, but this is definitely not one of them.
Even if you don't pay for it, why bother getting it? Maybe some people will like it to idle for the cards.
This is not even to be called a game, in my honest opinion.

Disclaimer: I won this game in a giveaway, so I did not pay for it, but this not affect my judgement or opinion in any way.
Posted June 9, 2017.
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This game is quite old now (well, 5 years, that's a quarter of my life as of now)
It has given me great joy over all the time that I played.
I actually still have to finish the story, though I already know the plot.
Especially the community test chambers offer a great variety.

Play this game if you like:
- puzzles
- logic thinking
- jumping
- falling (and not dying)
- random ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ with friends (Community Test Chambers)
Posted November 25, 2016.
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David. is a wonderful little game. I have gotten it from some giveaway, but I don't remember where.
Though the controls may not always be supersmooth or polished, the overall gameplay, and tin y bit of story it has, is sure to keep you entertained.
It took me about 3 hours of playtime to complete the game, but you can always try to get better highscores.

All in all:
Nice, short game, and not too expensive.

Buying disclaimer: I won this game in a giveaway and therefore did not pay for it. However, I would not have any problem paying the current price (€1,59)
Posted September 6, 2016. Last edited June 16, 2018.
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Keileuk, als je van sandbox houdt...
Posted March 27, 2013.
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