Hiding in a café in   Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees, France
TBourdon the pyro main haha puke
put a nickname on me or else it will be a nightmare to find me in your fl

redwood_a: bourdon is cancer lord that only spychecl and wait for soldiers to jump
mellow_____: he's also French so it's only natural people don't like him by default

*DEAD* Serial Killer : hacker
*DEAD* Serial Killer : Tbourdon is using aimbot
pyrodemoman99 : no
pyrodemoman99 : you're just a dumb piece of shit

Francis Abdul-Jamal : nik ta mere
TBeefdon : t nul mdr
Francis Abdul-Jamal : tu spam m2 ptite fiote
ΣΕΕΚΑΕ : hahah

meb : TB is hot tbh

Vetle : tbourdon is top prem ez monkaS

sun : isn't he like the cringiest pyro main anyway lol

btw all quotes posted here are just for banter, no hard feelings or anything i love you yes

TF2 competitive historic

- UGC HL Iron Season 19 - Scout MAIN (team died)

- UGC HL Silver Season 23 - Pyro MAIN (1st place)

- UGC HL Silver Season 24 - Pyro MAIN (2nd place)

- ETF2L HL Open Season 11 - Demoman SUB (left roster)

- ETF2L HL Open Season 12 - Medic MAIN (2nd place)

- ETF2L HL Open Season 13 - Pyro MAIN (5th place)

- ETF2L HL Mid Season 14 - Pyro MAIN (4th place)

- ETF2L HL Mid Season 15 - Pyro MAIN (3rd place)

- ETF2L 6s Open Season 25 - Medic MAIN (58th place lul)

- RGL Prolander One Day Cup - Pyro MAIN (2nd place)

- TFCL Highlander Season 1 - Phlogistinator MAIN (3rd place)

pyro and hl main OMEGALUL

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                                                                prankd ecks dee

hey i'm TBourdon (it's Bour"D"on, not Bour"B"on, pls my name is already bad dont make it worse)

if you message me but i don't answer, that means i'm away or busy, simple :)
and i basically never close my games, so that kinda explains my 1000000 hours in games and the fact that i wont instantly answer your messages (cuz im away)

Team Fortress 2 stuff

I am usually asked "how are you so good at Pyro and manage to stay straight? that's impossible!" and this is a good question.
You see, i'm not your regular pyro main that enjoys yiffing, or a no-life kid hoping he would one day get an artwork of his female pyro OC for free, i'm way above any of that...
I'M A PROFESSIONAL GAMER!!! That's right kiddo, i make my money from playing top level Team Fortress 2 pyro, something that you will most likely never achieve in your pathetic, sad little life XD
No one (except me, of course) will ever understand how difficult it is to reflect 2 rockets, frag 5 enemies, save my medic and steal your gf all at the same time.

Now, leave TBourdon the pyro main. Leave my profile.
Go cry on the TF2 subreddit about how Pyro is an unfair class that needs a rework, go and chase your free upvotes... if that is the only thing that will ever make you feel as popular as i, the powerful TBourdon.

Playing Pyro for Divided Assembly         ETF2L page [etf2l.org] UGC page [www.ugcleague.com]

I've beaten Ghost Town: 278 times
also one of the most painful MvM missions to play with randoms, so please, clap for me

Medals do not mean anything, they are in the item showcase just to make me look cool 8) check my ETF2L and UGC profile for the actual historic (links below ↓↓↓)

Random stuff

A very important video

Buy me a new cpu pls

i have a good doggo [cdn.discordapp.com]

I play on a wooden desk that is most likely 80 years old

My very first nickname was BourdonMangue6

You should eat baguettes is very nice (and peanuts)

i like to cook stuff

PC config and stuff:

- GPU - Nvidia GTX 750 ti 2 Go (soon a GTX 1060????)

- CPU - Intel i3 4160 *puke*

- RAM - 8 GB

- Awful operating system - Windows 8.1

Setup and other... stuff:

- Mouse - Logitech G402

- Mousepad - Corsair MM200 (very important)

- Keyboard - Corsair K55

- Headset - Kingston HyperX Cloud

- Monitor - Acer G247HLBID 24" 60Hz

A few links and stuff, in case you wanna stalk me:

- Youtube channel

- Twitch [www.twitch.tv]

- Trade link

- BackpackTF inventory [backpack.tf]

- SteamRep [steamrep.com]

- My TF2 Logs [logs.tf]

- My TF2 demos [demos.tf]

- ETF2L profile [etf2l.org]

- UGC profile [www.ugcleague.com]

- Mon profil Steam ptdr

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HahAa haters be hatin on the great tbOdroun they never get on his level lmaoo 😂😂😭👌🔥🔥 He plays Ugc PlIAntum faggot go kys whAt r u wid ur 900 hoirs of mairokrat soccer shit game noOb go comit sausag alreday
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Of course i am and who tf are you