One day, i will rule Candyland with an iron fist!

Okay.. This is CS:GO

Get the free version.
Then buy Prime so it's actually playable.
Play 10 Matchmaking games.
Get ranked in silver.
Never rank up because there are too many Russians.
Now you have 1000 Hours in CS:GO and you're still Silver.

Start playing Faceit.
Buy Faceit Premium so you don't play against cheaters.
Get level 2 in Faceit as your first rank.
Get false banned because you're too good.
Try to make a new account but you can't because Faceit wont let you connect your steam account to your new account.
Quit Faceit.

Start playing ESEA.
Buy ESEA Premium because you can't play without premium.
Get Rank S because you're a god.
Lose to a cheater.
Rage quit ESEA forever because you deranked.

Start playing Esportal.
Get Silver rank because you haven't played CS for about 2 years.
Slowly rankup to Elite.
Start cheating because you're bored.
Get banned.
Quit CS:GO forever.
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Silver IV ✔️
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Silver Elite Master ✔️
Gold Nova I ✔️
Gold Nova II ✔️(here)
Gold Nova III ✔️
Gold Nova Master ✔️
Master Guardian I ✔️
Master Guardian II ✔️
Master Guardian Elite ✔️
Distingueshed Master Guardian ✔️
Legendary Eagle ✔️
Legendary Eagle Master ✔️
Supreme Master First Class ✔️
The Global Elite ❌

Pablo Jan 24 @ 1:51pm 
-rep wh and aim botz
freelook@ocult.records Jan 20 @ 9:28am 
-rep wallhacker
b0p Jan 14 @ 7:05am 
- ◄▓══════════════► + Luck
- ◄══════════════▓► + Rage
- ◄══════════════▓► + Hacks
- ◄▓══════════════► + Aim
- ◄▓══════════════► + Skill
May 30, 2019 @ 7:51am 
ThEツIgL May 29, 2019 @ 7:15am 
+rep good player and good trader :DD <3
tanos May 20, 2019 @ 11:06am 
+rep wp, you are very ♥♥♥♥ing bad player :D