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Tomb Raider II continued to expand on the popularity and success of the first game, while offering a vastly different and superior experience from its sequel (for me at least). It seems that many would agree with this, considering that Tomb Raider II is the best-selling game in the franchise - or at least, it was until the AAA reboot trilogy came knocking.
Even though the graphics and gameplay remained mostly the same, the game is smoother, it doesn't require a DOS emulator to play it, has a better story (which is still minimalist), music and locations. During the course of the game, you will visit some unique environments and locales, some of which have only appeared in this game to the best of my knowledge: The Great Wall of China, Venice, an oil rig, a sunken ship at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and the Tibetan mountains, complete with an ancient monastery and lost ice catacombs.
The ambience in this game is top-notch, partially thanks to Nathan Mccree, the composer for the first three games; the feeling this game gives you is quite unique too. Again, save for the newer games, this is the only game in the series where you really go out of your way to become Rambo. By the end of the game, aside from a dozen or so species you've selflessly brought to extinction, you will also leave hundreds of families fatherless (or grandfatherless in some cases, to be thorough).
Also, I should mention that the final boss is a dragon, there is a level that makes you wonder if Lara is a drug addict (well, two if you count the expansion, The Golden Mask), as well as others that will surely make you poop your pants, and some of the monsters in the later stages include abominable yetis, giant spiders, Mega Ultra Chicken (kudos for those who get the reference) and ultra tough Genghis Khan wannabes.
All in all, Tomb Raider II remains to this day the highlight of this excellent action-adventure series, leaving you questioning what you've been doing with your life before playing it and wanting to experience more of it. You should buy it if you know what's good for you!

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