I do NOT accept random adds, leave a comment why you are adding me.
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Welcome to my group! :D
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I am the first Lazyneer.
I own a popular Zombie server.
I make maps for the Source Engine.
I also take map requests.
My website:

Rules for adding me
Leave a comment for the reason why you are adding me.
If you do not leave a comment, instant ignore.
I do not accept people who are friends of my friends.
I also do not accept people who add me just for my servers or similair.
Do not add me for trade.

Map Requests
I make maps for the Source Engine. Examples of games that use the Source Engine are: TF2, CS:GO, CS:S, HL2, Gmod, L4D2 & SFM.
Price is 3$/hour.
Depending on the job, I can make a map fairly quick.

Thanks for reading the readme.txt
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last played on Oct 22
chiosGa Oct 18 @ 8:41am 
add me, can you?
Zynor Sep 23 @ 6:15am 
adding you cause you are a well known face around tf2 and i like to add well known people
☠The Cursed Cardboard☠ Sep 10 @ 10:53am 
Hey Lazy, Yes, it is me. I'm contacting You because I have to do something in Hammer (Yes I did improve and yes I did remake Ancient Oasis). I've been looking trough many all aviliable tutorials but I haven't found anything that actually works. What I need to do is mount TF2 assets to Gmod's Hammer Editor and since You've worked with custom assets before, I assume You could help me out, I'd be really glad if You do!
xanb2007 Jul 14 @ 1:29pm 
can some one give me a Three-Rune Blade
Laika_ Jun 26 @ 4:35am 
+rep great TF2 Guy!

hup-holland-hup! :D :104:
pooshit Jun 18 @ 3:42pm 
Im adding you because Im back on the server after a while and I got banned from discord, probably from 2 years of inactivity. Also Im lonely as ♥♥♥♥.