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Jun 10 @ 12:58am
In topic Strafing Training
Can we have more modifier to this mode? I like to have one where the target is at very close (melee) range moving fast without pause. I also like to add some vertical movement to it to simulate jumping as well. I always have trouble aiming target at close range, while my mid-range isn't that bad.

I find the short pause in the strafing training mode very bad, because i just end up training my aim to only show when it pauses. At that point, reflex training is better since you don't see where they will stop.

The issue I find is that the strafe distance are pretty long, and don't exactly simulate in game movements.
May 27 @ 2:10am
In topic About customization
I want more voice options, but I doubt we will get that =p
May 24 @ 1:28pm
In topic Will there be mod support?
This is something I'm curious about, will there be mod support in the future when the game goes live?

Mod support is what increases the longevity of these types of game, and allow users to create extra game content.
Originally posted by Siren:
There is hard, then there is impossible with a controller

Pretty much. I have to use mouse and keyboard if i were to go fishing. It's impossible to fish with gamepad.
May 23 @ 11:45am
In topic custom keybinds.
Really? my bluetooth has connection to my phone if i leave my phone in my room and i'm in the kitchen with my headset o.O

Yea, wireless is far more stable compare to bluetooth, but the wireless adapter is stupidly huge and looks like you can accidentally break it if you use it with your laptop. That's why I use my logitech controller with my laptop, and the xbox one controller with my pc since it will never move and will be safe from people accidentally knocking it over and breaking it. I might consider getting a bluetooth xbox one controller for my laptop though, since my laptop has built-in bluetooth.
May 23 @ 2:25am
In topic custom keybinds.
I have both the Xbox One Wireless Controller and the Logitech F710 Wireless Controller, I gave away my Logitech F310 to my brother.

I actually like the Xbox One controller, it is smaller than the original Xbox controller, and feels nicer in the hand. My only complaint is the wireless receiver is ridiculously huge. They release a bluetooth version a while ago, so you can get a small bluetooth dongle for your pc (or laptop) and use it.
May 22 @ 7:35pm
In topic custom keybinds.
if they still don't implement it, i do advice getting a game board, but there's not enough actions to bind to to make full use of a gameboard.

One example is pressing 0-9 for the corresponding slot in the item bar.
May 22 @ 2:48pm
In topic Some features recommendations
There are quite a few features that I would like to see in the game to improve gameplay experience, especially for a beginner:

  • List require ingredients to make the items in the handbook, not just a large list of items made using which station. I don't have a perfect memory of how to make these items.
  • Include a timer within the menu. This allows me to do the math and calculate at what time the item will be completely done for commission.
  • Make it clear that when you create a note, the list of numbers on the right represent the alarm time for when you will get a notifications.
  • Include an NPC tracker.
  • Allow the gamepad to constantly press one direction to cycle through all the commissions listed on the board.
  • Allow adjustment to gamepad analog sensitivity for fishing. The speed that it moves at is insanely fast, even when you try to move it a small amount.
  • Change the way you split quality using the gamepad.
    • Up/Down - Increment the amount taken
    • Left/Right - Change the increment amount by 1, 10, 100, 1000
  • Increase the amount of dialogue variety when talking to npc. At the moment, they all say the same line over and over.

This is all I can think up at this time.
May 22 @ 8:01am
In topic Cannot track mission on 2nd page
If you try to track a mission on the second page, it will instead track the mission in the first page in the responding slot.

For example, if you want to (un)track the 2nd mission on the 2nd page, it will instead (un)track the 2nd mission on the first page.
The bugs only shows up when there is no existing save files. For example, when a user starts up the game for the very first time.
May 21 @ 5:58pm
In topic Dev's Help a Girl Out <3
May 21 @ 9:12am
In topic Character creation bug
I can repeat the issue, but how do I create an output_log? I can create a video if it and upload it on youtube.


PS: How do I change the shade of the color using gamepad?
May 21 @ 9:10am
In topic Cannot rotate furnitures
I see, in the game, it said it was the 'A' button to rotate.
It was tested using wireless.

Is there a way to backup and restore my save file before I test it using wire? I am require to delete all save files in order to test it.

It will take more than an hour to upload the video.
May 20 @ 10:02pm
In topic Have some questions
I wonder, when the game goes release, you think there will be mod support?
May 20 @ 8:54pm
In topic Have some questions
I'm still new to the game, and have been playing it for a few days now, and have some questions.

1. Is there a way to track NPCs with the map?
2. Is there a way to change your character name and model?
3. Is there a way to change your workshop name?
6. Do we ever get to raise animals?
4. Why can't we attack and jump at the same time?
5. Can we craft our own armours and weapons?
6. Will we ever get combat abilities?

Although I've beaten the Hazard dungeon first boss, how are people tank & spanking it with ease? I'm using the lvl 15 pants and shirt, with all my points into defense.
Please improve the way to select the commission using gamepad. It is annoying not being able to accurately select the mission with the joystick, which becomes a problem when you're trying to pick a commission 4 post before the competitions takes one of it off the board.
Oh, I see, I guess being in the house still have the time progress since I was moving items around the multiple storage boxes I just crafted, unlike in harvest moon. Was color-coding them, and coming up with names for each of the boxes, until to see my char fainted.
May 18 @ 5:43pm
In topic Cannot rotate furnitures
When placing furnitures/workstation/etcs., you cannot rotate the object using the gamepad. I have to use the keyboard to rotate it.
Although I enjoy playing with the gamepad, I'm concern with how the game time continue progressing when using the menu with gamepad since using the gamepad to move the items in the inventory or storage box around is far more time consuming than using mouse and keyboard.

Even when using keyboard and mouse, I notice there is no keybinding button for item slot 1-9 like in minecraft.
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