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What more is there to say about the Witcher 3 that you don't already know?

The series in general is one of the best, and this particular entry (including both expansions) is easily one of the best overall packages that has been released.

My Favourite Game Developers

The business practice of CD Project Red is also one to be admired; they did this to a lesser extent with The Witcher and The Witcher 2, but releasing lots of free updates, alongside completely re-vamping the graphics engine are all things that other companies would quite honestly charge for.

Beautiful Game

The graphics in The Witcher 3 are just amazing - they were pretty damn good on the PS4, but now on PC (and this isn't even on ULTRA) I'm really seeing how amazing this game can be. The only thing that this game (along with all others in this day and age) suffer from is pop-in, but that's more a tech issue with game engines that's yet to be ironed out (view distance VS slowdowns).

Outright FUN!

This is the second time I'm playing through the entire game (initial play-through was on the PS4 on release), and even though I know where to go and what the story holds, I'm enjoying it far more than any other game I've replayed (maybe with the exception of Dark Souls 1/2/3).

Deep Stories and Characters

I truly believe that The WItcher 3 has some of the best quests and characters in any RPG - this game has EASILY won it's multiple awards. If dynamic story telling, choices that matter and well-thought out quest lines are your thing, then just get this immediately.

A lot of the characters have already been established in previous games which helps you to identify with them, but even new characters to the game franchise (such as Sigismund Dijkstra or Phillip Strenger (The Barron) feel immediately fleshed out and interesting / unique. THAT is a sign of amazing narrative.

You Still Haven't Bought It?

In a time where brand new games with far less content RRP at £40 / £50, The Witcher 3 can easily be purchased (including both addons) for significantly less. This game however is one of the few I would recommend, even if the price was £60!!

Quite simply, buy it; the GOTY edition was £17.99 in a recent sale, and guarantees you hours upon hours of high quality content.


The inclusion of MODs this time around has been REALLY fun, and not to mention ANSEL, the amazing (and highly-underrated) NVIDIA "photo-mode", which I can honestly play around with for hours during gameplay.

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