"Convenience is poison. One must accustom themselves to pursue any intention as soon as it appears, regardless of difficulty. Otherwise one burns out, gives in to doubt, starts fearing oneself. The bolder the dream, the more surely it becomes dust when the moment is lost."
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1. The Witness
2. Pathologic 2
4. Fantasy Strike
5. Invisible, Inc.
6. Return of the Obra Dinn
7. Legend of Grimrock 2
8. Rain World
9. Hotline Miami 1 & 2
10. Super Meat Boy
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"Strategically difficult, mechanically elegant" is true. Very low execution requirements and only a few different moves per character. There's nothing redundant. Nevertheless, the skill ceiling is high and you're gonna get absolutely stomped by better players just like in any other fighting game. The difference is that you can get into the real meat of the game MUCH more quickly. Very clean design. The best fighting game ever made. I love it.
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