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:2017cat: MEEEEEEE :2017cat:

:steamhappy: Hey there peeps! My name is Eduardo, but I'm known as ҽժตíղց :cool_eol:

:steammocking: When I was still a little kid, my father would play video games near me on a really old PC.

:2018raygun:This was where I was introduced to my three favorite franchises, Tomb Raider, Max Payne and Resident Evil.

:ROTTR_fire:I can still remember me being afraid of the dogs going around on the Streets of Rome level in Tomb Raider Chronicles ...

:cassie:Growing up also made my passion (and obsession) with video games bigger.

:hackgrenade:After owning a PS2, a Nintendo DSi, an Xbox One and multiple PCs, and now a PS4, aging hasn't stop me from playing games :)

:wesker: WHAT DO I DO IN LIFE? :wesker:

:scythe: Apart from gaming, I also dance :senator:

:2018salienbeast1:I love collecting video games in the physical form, but I'm also gathering a Tomb Raider Collection.

:ROTTR_fire:I loveeeeeee MOVIESSSS my gosh <3

:csgogun::RayneHead: Completed Games: :csgogun::RayneHead:

1- Tomb Raider 2013
2- Rise of the Tomb Raider
3- Shadow of the Tomb Raider
4- Resident Evil 2
5- Resident Evil 3
6- Bayonetta
7- Star Wars : Jedi Fallen Order
8- Far Cry 3
9- Far Cry Blood Dragon
10- Far Cry 4
11- Far Cry 5
12 - Alan Wake
13 - Gone Home
14 - Alien Isolation
15 - All Uncharted Main Games
16 - Marvel's Spider Man
17 - Wolfenstein II : The New Colossus
18 - DOOM
19 - Batman Arkham Series
20 - Bioshock Infinite
22 - Saints Row IV
24 - Injustice 1 & 2

:crystalz4: FAV VIDEO GAMES :crystalz4:

:wesker: Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 7
:csgogun: Max Payne 2
:2018ship: Alien Isolation
:batlogo: Batman Arkham City
:2017cat: Life is Strange
:goldfeatherduster: Bioshock Infinite
:hoji_smile: Bayonetta
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After the explosive ending of Far Cry 5 (spoilers lol) where the apocalypse happens, exactly like Joseph Seed had predicted, you are taken by him to a shelter and the game ends on a cliff hanger.

This was one of the best but also the most infuriating endings ever. It really leaves you hanging without any answers...

So naturally, Ubisoft pumping and milking out a sequel was as predictable as taxes at the end of the month.


Seventeen years after the nuclear explosions that devastated Hope County, life has returned to Hope County, Montana.

Endless black rain and wind have given way to blue skies and blooming flora. Humans that survived the bombs now work to rebuild, forming communities across the county. One group of survivors formed in California is led by Thomas Rush. Rush's group dedicate themselves to engineering and bio-farming in order to assist communities across the country.

Players assume the role of The Security Captain for Rush's group, and upon arriving in Hope County, they are swept up in a conflict between the Scavengers, the Highwaymen, ran by Mickey and Lou, the game's antagonists, and New Eden.

This story was empty. No emotions, no heart, no effort. Nothing. I felt nothing while playing this. No, wait, that’s a lie. I cringed a lot at the story and performances.

The game makes no real attempt to have an entertaining and engaging story. It’s just good old cliches and bad writing. Things we have all seen before, where two factions fight in the aftermath of the apocalypse and the bad guys are so bad that they kidnap and torture people for fun, while listening to bad guys music (in this game it’s rap and edgy music, just because it’s cool). It does nothing to distinguish itself from other games and to be honest, it really doesn’t want to.

The problem here is that we get a really unsatisfying conclusion to the, may I say, bold ending that we had in Far Cry 5. It just goes nowhere… And shock, Joseph Seed is here, but he looks like he is already dead, if not, on Xanax overdoses.

The performances are also terrible. The evil twins are laughably bad with their line deliveries but they couldn't do much with a script like this. Same goes for the other characters, where they try to make them all "cool" but it just looks like a 70 yr old trying to write 15yr olds' messages on Instagram. It's that bad... No one is saved here.

To summarize, this story is pointless, goes nowhere with it, it’s cliché as hell. If you were going to play this for the story, you are better off just reading it on the wiki and saving your money.



It’s probably the only good part of the game, although it’s Ubisoft’s “recipe for success” copy and pasted all over it.

Far Cry New Dawn shares the same map with its antecessor, Far Cry 5 (much like Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon), with a few cuts and texture changes.

The world feels like Poison Ivy invaded Hope County and made Nature Great Again. It’s all pink and green and the colors are over exposed (almost had seizures with the game jk), but it’s very beautiful, non the less.

The gameplay is similar to Far Cry 5, being an FPS with skills to unlock and all kinds of weapons in your roaster, and it’s quite perfected here, having learned with the previous games. It feels very smooth and responsive and it’s very fun too, so if you played any of the other games, you know what to expect.

Like in other FC games, we have enemy outposts to take on, either stealthily or guns blazing, and after beating them, you can do it again, with harder enemies, to earn more supplies for your Base. Ah yes, I forgot to mention, now there is Home Base (Prosperity), where you can upgrade different things like crafting, fast travel, etc…

But not everything is pleasant. They decided to introduce an RPG like level system (tier-based combat), where you and your enemies have levels, and it’s increasingly hard to take on enemies with higher levels (Ubi’s Recipe for Success). And personally, I find it very annoying having all the enemy health bars and damage points system, it just visual noise and makes enemies even more bullet sponges.

Ubisoft made supplies harder to find and thus, unlocking new weapons is also harder and requires a lot of grinding. I didn't bother much with it, o, but this limits the gameplay variety and the fun you might have playing with different weapons. But wait, they said, NOW YOU CAN BUY THE MATERIALS YOU NEED, CAUSE MICROTRANSACTIONS.
Shame on you Ubisoft.

Also, mid-campaign, you get these ridiculous super powers called Eden’s Gift, which just break the game and make you a literal super hero. They were fun to use, but at what expense…

To conclude, the gameplay is fun just like the other ones, but I feel that FC5 is better and not ruined with this ridiculous level system and the superpowers. And don't even get me started with the microtransaction...


I can’t remember the music that well. I guess standard Hollywood music for the cutscenes. And for the cars you have two radio stations: Rap and Edgy songs and a 50’s radio station, because why not. I particularly did not enjoy the first one, it was really bad, so every time I drove a car, I picked the retro radio station which was quite pleasant.

Meh just meh.


Like I said previously, the graphics are pretty and world design is good.
I played using Nvidia GeForce Now (streaming service) and got a lot of performance issues, with terrible FPS, but that was not on my end so I can't really say much.

Overall it's good, but not groudbreaking.


Far Cry 5 - Part 2

If there was a mixed button for Steam, I would pick that. But as there isn't, I'm forced to make a choice.

And my answer is a No. I just can't recommend this game, even on sale.
It does nothing excellent to distract you from the god awful story and performances, it's a basic copy and paste from other Ubisoft titles, and the new additions to gameplay only seem to do more harm than good.

If you were pretending to see the conclusion to the cliff hanger of FC5, you are better off just watching it or reading the summary.


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