First computer: TK-85 (Brazilian ZX-81 clone), bought in 1984
First played game: Monster Maze, pirated ZX-81 cassette tape in 1984
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Microdigital TK-85 (1983), my very first computer
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Im an old brazilian nerd who started to mess with computers during the 1980s with 8 bit hardware. Z80, 6502, 6809 on Apple ][, TRS-80, Sinclair, Atari, CoCo, MSX, Amiga, you name it and I played something on it during the good old days. I worked with computers and software development all my life, and nowadays my focus is on writing and adapting software for BSD/Linux based appliances for network traffic analysis, VoIP<->PSTN routing/media conversion and VoIP traffic optimization.

:Attention_Sign: I do not accept friend requests from random users with private profiles. :Attention_Sign:
:alertalert: I do not accept friend requests from steam accounts reported at steamrep. :alertalert:
:dangerzone: I WILL remove and block any friend who send me any skin/item gambling site link. :dangerzone:

I do NOT buy/sell game items, weapons, skins or hats. My inventory is for personal use, and all my trades are done exclusively to expand my Steam games library, to expand my collection of removed Steam games, to expand my collection of steam gifts, or to obtain trading cards to craft badges. I have NO alternative accounts, and never changed my Steam alias.

I do collect and have interest in buying/trading Steam removed games and Steam inventory gifts of games I enjoyed in the past, or any game published 10 years ago or more. Everything I have more than one in my inventory is on the table for trades, but I only want ROW, unlocked, tradeable gifts.

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arT 3 hours ago 
I hope you have a great week!!
goigois1 is lindohhh Apr 8 @ 6:51pm 
Hey i made a Steam Bot Which Join Your Groups Just Invite He , Im Gonna Try 2 Make 24/7 Thank you add he ^^
Young.dll Apr 8 @ 5:37pm 

𝓗𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝓪𝓷 𝓪𝓶𝓪𝔃𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝔀𝓮𝓮𝓴𝓮𝓷𝓭
ign1te Apr 8 @ 10:57am 
i'm my own god :AK47Gun:
goigois1 is lindohhh Apr 8 @ 10:43am 
Tell me what's your favourite game? :emofdr:
Brynn📿 Apr 6 @ 11:23am 
:adoriginal:Tenha uma ótima semana :daswhip:
:adoriginal:Have a nice week:daswhip: