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Unlocked Feb 18 @ 4:28pm

Royal Tiara

Become the queen
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 2:47pm

Candle of Wisdom

Discover Carmosa's secret
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 3:56pm

Ball Gown

Look killer on the Grand Ball
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 1:00pm

Red Rose

Make your first meaningful choice
Unlocked Feb 19 @ 7:06am

Family Necklace

Gain control of your inheritance
Unlocked Feb 19 @ 8:14am

Phial of Venom

Do something really bad
Unlocked Feb 18 @ 4:13pm

Glass Slipper

Leave everything behind
Unlocked Feb 19 @ 5:53am

Grim Skull

Die a miserable death