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My name is Josh, the one who owned this account has given it to me for the time being. I heard that there was some issues with certain people but I hope to at least be somewhat nicer since I’m sure everyone can agree Ramen was a bit of a cold hearted cunt. But I respect him fully because I’ve never met someone so brutally honest in my life. Well thanks for listening to my ted talk. If you need to contact Ramen message his discord lRamenl#0009 Other than that have a good day. :)
Good quotes so far.
"Balls"- Nebby
"Scissor me scissor me!" - Isiah
"That's a nasty crit."- Zack
"I'll blow you if you kill Ramen and not me."-Mae
"I can't hear you OVER MY FEMALENESS!"- Broken
"Black is wack." -Manfrog
"You nut UwU."-LeAdorableLatias
"Ur ass is grass."-Domo
"I'm a bleach neach." -Faded White
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