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Posted: Aug 31, 2018 @ 5:03am

Early Access Review
Voronium - Locust Sols

Voronium - Locust Sols is VR, action game with some interesting strategy elements. Game has a lot of different things to offer and wont keep you bored or tired of it.
Voronium - Locust Sols is very well polished VR game, its graphics and sounds will take your breath away.

Game takes place in Voronium planet, it is set far away from earth. Humans are using Voronium as their energy source. But the creatures that live in Voronium keep trying to intervene, you have to do everything to stop them from doing that.
To stop them you play in FPS mode and build defense towers and operate them yourself.

Gameplay is very smooth and challenging, its like you always have something to do in this amazingly made planet that sometimes gives you creeps and chills with its atmosphere and sounds. You can posses almost everything in the game, so you wil find a lot of new ways how to protect your base every time you play this game.

Overall my experience with the game is positive. Devs put really a lot of time and work into this game and you can definitely feel that. As I said before, graphics and sounds are close to being perfect and really has this sci-fi vibe all over the game.
However, game has a small map. When I was introduced with the though, that I will be in a planet far, far away from earth, I was expecting it to be a lot bigger.

I grade this game 8.5/10. Its almost perfect VR game, Its just the thought that I am in a huge world, but the game map is very small is bothering me.
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