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Axempurple Mar 27 @ 12:33pm 
Says the guy in the mlg group
i can see that you are in "i love anime" group :DDD so theres no point talking to you, you are living in your own world
Axempurple Mar 27 @ 1:33am 
Silver in cs gold in league big boi
Axempurple Mar 26 @ 10:44am 
Can i see your butterknife license?
☹ A l o n e Feb 11 @ 10:15pm 
love u 2 ❤
first of all, you blocked me from commenting your profile so yeah, and second of all, i had a long week in job so had to work all day for 3 days straight, so had 0 time to turn on my pc/steam, but you have no clue how it feels cause youre still in school so you can watch japanese cartoons and jerk off to them all day, kys