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Hey bois, my name's Kyemsha and I'm a Crown collector

I have the only known full loadout with at least 1 Crown sticker on each weapon, as I have the only MP5 with a Crown registered on any database. I also have 2 of the 6 R8s with a Crown, and 3 of the 6 M249s with a Crown

I love low floats skins, and even more low floats WITH crowns on them :boop:

I'm also a fan of low-tier/high float items and weird/rare items with Crown(s), such as my AUG Fleek Flock :fscrazy:

If you're looking to sell anything that matches one of those descriptions, feel free to add me, maybe we can work something out ! :fshappy:

:china: 对于中国卖家,如果您正在寻找现金,我可以在BUFF上购买您的物品

Unless stated, none of my crowned skins are for sale

Here are the skins i currently have, with an edited screenshots to go with it :

Last update : 28.05.2019

All rankings are from db.csgofloat []

Full album with more informations :csgo_crown: right here []

:crown1: Rifles :crown1:

- AK-47 Cartel ST BS with 4 Crowns [] (#2 highest AK Cartel with 4 Crowns)
- M4A4 Buzz Kill ST FN with 4 Crowns []
- M4A1-S Basilisk ST FN with 4 Crowns []
- AWP Mortis ST FN [] (#2 ST AWP Mortis with a Crown) [APPLIED]
- AWP Phobos ST FN [] (#3 ST skin/#1 AWP with a Crown)
- SSG 08 Abyss ST WW []
- SSG 08 Abyss ST FN [] (#1 ST SSG with a Crown)
- Galil-AR Crimson Tsunami ST FN [] (#8 ST skin/#1 Galil with a Crown) [APPLIED]
- FAMAS Djinn ST FN [] (#2 ST FAMAS with a Crown)
- SG 553 Triarch ST FN [] (#9 ST skin/#1 SG with a Crown) [APPLIED]
- AUG Wings ST FN [] (#1 ST AUG with a Crown)
- G3SG1 Flux ST FN [] (only G3 Flux with a Crown)
- SCAR-20 Cyrex ST FN []

:crown1: Pistols :crown1:

- Glock-18 Royal Legion ST FN [] (#7 ST skin/#1 ST Glock with a Crown)
- USP-S Guardian ST FN with 4 Crowns [] (/#1 ST skin with Crown(s))
- P2000 Imperial Dragon ST FN [] (#1 P2000 Imperial Dragon with a Crown)
- Dual Berettas Panther ST FN []
- P250 Red Rock ST FN [] (only Red Rock with a Crown) [APPLIED]
- P250 Muertos ST MW []
- Tec-9 Avalanche ST FN []
- Five-SeveN Monkey Business ST MW [] (#1 Monkey Business with a Crown)
- CZ-75 Victoria ST MW []
- Desert Eagle Conspiracy ST FN [] (#3 ST Deagle Conspiracy with a Crown)
- R8 Revolver Reboot ST FN [] (#1 R8 Revolver with a Crown) [APPLIED]

:crown1: SMGs :crown1:

- MAC-10 Heat ST FN [] (#1 ST MAC-10 with a Crown)
- MP9 Rose Iron ST FN [] (#1 MP9 with a Crown)
- MP5-SD Gauss ST FN [] (only MP5 with a Crown) [APPLIED]
- MP7 Armor Core ST FN [] (#1 MP7 Armor Core with a Crown)
- P90 Trigon ST MW with 2 crowns []
- UMP-45 Riot ST FN [] (#4 ST UMP with a Crown)
- PP-Bizon Harvester ST FN [] (#2 ST skin with a Crown) [APPLIED]

:crown1: Heavies :crown1:

- Nova Bloomstick ST MW [] (only Nova Bloomstick with a Crown)
- Nova Tempest ST FN [] (#1 Nova Tempest with a Crown)
- XM1014 Black Tie ST FN [] (#1 XM with a Crown)
- Sawed-Off Kraken ST FN []
- MAG-7 Memento ST FN [] (#2 ST MAG-7 with a Crown)
- M249 Nebula Crusader ST FN [] (#1 ST M249) [APPLIED]
- Negev Bratatat ST FN []

:fscrown: Out of my main collection :fscrown: (No screenshots yet)

- AK-47 Safari Mesh BS
- M4A1-S Nitro MW (100% scratched Crown)
- M4A1-S Flashback ST BS (only M4A1-S Flashback with a Crown)
- SSG 08 Blue Spruce Souvenir FT (#1 highest SSG Blue Spruce with a Crown)
- SG-553 Cyrex FT
- AUG Fleek Flock WW (only AUG Fleek Flock with a Crown)
- AWP Snake Camo BS
- Desert Eagle Mudder FT
- R8 Revolver Grip ST FN (only R8 Grip/1 out of 6 Revolver with a Crown)
- MP9 Orange Peel BS (only MP9 Orange Peel/highest float MP9 with a crown)
- UMP-45 Carbon Fiber FN (#6 skin with a Crown overall)
- UMP-45 Gunsmoke BS (only UMP Gunsmoke with a Crown)
- M249 Spectre FN (#1 M249/only M249 Spectre with a Crown)
- M249 Magma ST FN (#1 M249 Magma with a Crown)


Current Knife : ST FN Butterfly Knife Safari Mesh (#2 out of 9 existing)
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Those items are not for sale, I'm just using it as another showcase while I have no items to sell

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