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This is one of those games that I'd rather read about than actually play. And by "read", I mainly mean "browse the clever memes people make."

Full credit to the creators, this is an intriguing premise: leverage the rule set of chess to create a puzzle game. Unfortunately none of the chess theory or instincts carry over into this new puzzle game, so while the boards *look* like chess and the win condition is *similar* to chess, there's nearly nothing about chess knowledge that helps you get from A to B.

I have a hard time thinking who to recommend this game to. I know advanced chess players get bored enough with chess to crave variants, i.e. chess 960. Puzzle fans who want their brains bent (and already know enough chess) might find something here, but why play a puzzle game that will make your chess game actively worse?

I don't get it. Sorry. It's just not for me, which makes me sad.
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