Kwaakt - Kurwagoon'ed
Im finally facing it all, fearless. Hold me close, sway me more.
Dance with me careless. Dream with me, love and adore.

But trust me Im scared too sometimes

This gives me shivers all over every time:
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Hi there! :D
Links to check: I try to upload some funny things. If you like it or not let me know!
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Epicgames: Kwaakt ( if you add me in epicgames let me know here on steam)

The Casual's Group:
Its what the name implies. Play casual be happy and have fun. How to join? Be befriended with one of them. Play casual with us. At the moment there is always a part of the group playing. Sometimes bigger sometimes smaller. And there stops the guideline. We just see how it goes.

Interested in the musiclist often used? From classics to 90's to nice songs
Interested in a warmup list?
House songs:
Harder styles! Yes this goes hard: But fuck it warms up like crazy:

I like to create stuff. Well not being a painter I usually edit a funny situation or put some work in it to create it. It is CS:GO and DayZ related. Take a look below or go here: Lemme know what you think. Or look at the showcase right below ;)

PC specs:
Keyboard mouse and a screen! ;)

If Doctor Gun responds on my profile he usually means the opposite. ;)

Oh and a happy commend in game is always nice ;)
Artwork Showcase
<3 Denied
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Yourself Sep 1 @ 1:37pm 
Kwaakt,accept my invite in casual's <3
RazorGunnar Aug 1 @ 4:20pm 
+rep nice leader nice guy nice on everything xD btw can u apply me to ur casual group ? :)
やま Jul 17 @ 5:01pm 
Hi Kwaakt, wondering if i can join the casual group, i like playing with u guys alot and ofc ur music is my jam :D hard to find good lobby with amazing and friendly people as the casuals .
Comert Jul 15 @ 2:51am 
+rep Our glorious leader and saviour, the father of B rushes and an owner of the biggest boombox on each and every server <3 Oh, and experienced in drinking. ^^
• GORENS • May 3 @ 9:11am 
♕︎King Minion Apr 12 @ 11:19am 
Hello there! Could you please approve to my membership to The Casual's group? Thank you ^^