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Roomerang: I'm Not a Goat!

Won the game after never winning a challenge or being eliminated
Unlocked Oct 22 @ 9:52pm

Junktopia: Shrewd Businessfrog

Successfully haggle on an item
Unlocked Oct 22 @ 8:57pm

Fibbage 4: Film Buff

Write a lie that's actually the truth during a movie question

Fibbage 4: Crowdsourced

Audience earns the highest possible score rank in a game with at least 3 audience members

Fibbage 4: Swiss Army Lie

Write a lie that gets picked for both blanks in the final round

Roomerang: We Were All Rooting for You!

Trigger a Double Elimination

Roomerang: Catfished!

Get every vote in the Quickie Round

Roomerang: I Made it Nice!

Play 3 games in a row with “same players”

Junktopia: Extrovert

Choose to present your items yourselves

Junktopia: One Frog's Trash

Get at least 4 votes using a mystery item

Junktopia: Crowd Sorcery

Audience casts a spell

Nonsensory: Gas Leak

Go 25 rounds without a fart

Nonsensory: Circuit Breaker

Every player gets the same question exactly right

Nonsensory: The Confidence of Youth

Use Confidence every time in one round

Nonsensory: Smart Cookie

Audience earns the highest ranking

Quixort: Show-off

Get a perfect sort on the first try during the final round

Quixort: Human or Machine?

Make it through 10 rounds in Quixort Forever

Quixort: Employee of the Month

Get a perfect score in normal mode

Quixort: Falling Fast

Beat the Jackbox office champ’s time in Quixort Classic or Quixort Forever

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