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“People saying they won’t buy the game because there are too many women in it is fine with us – if that’s their reason, we’d rather they didn’t anyway.”

CA Community content editor Ella McConnell

That's a strong statement, but I have to admit that the game was released like 5 years ago, so most of the people who have complains here already bought it and cannot even refund now. Another game developer made attempt to lay all blame on gamers: "Hey look at that sexist pigs! They do not want women in this game! But their opinion doesn't concern us, they are #notourcustomers!"

Don't you think that was kinda offensive being said to the people who gave you their money? Women are not real problem, real problem is that attitude. Do you realy consider this as acceptable form of communication with your community? I don't mind have women in fantasy games, I don't mind have woman as main protagonist if it serve right to a plot (Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Life is strange - Hell, there are whole ocean of games that have beutiful women protagonists), BUT I don't like when some group of people try to project their values on me without even asking (while they don't mind to take my money). Oh well, maybe you made that "woman-general" thing optional? NO! If you think that you fight for some kind of justice than I have to disappoint you - the thing what you're doing is called dictature of minority.

All that situation is even worse than scandalous Battlefield V presented by DICE - at least they have courage to lay all that crap on table before game release. CA made it muсh worse - they take a time, waiting untill Rome will sold out among it's basic audience, among people who love history and love to play in historicaly accurate (as much as it possible for game) wargame. And than they add that patch obviously biased toward specific minor communities. Dear CA - all those "wonderfull people" who like to scream on every corner that their rights being infringed are not the majority (not even 5%) of your audience.

Dear CA, - turn on your brains, please.

Sincerely yours, Paul Goncharov, loyal fan of Total War games (2004-2018)
Posted September 27, 2018. Last edited March 19.
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Early Access Review
Знаете, когда вышла Battlefield 1 я подумал: "ну вот, наконец-то появится годный шутер про Первую Мировую!". Но, как выяснилось рано радовался - получили мы фанстатический шутер про Первую Мировую в альтернативной вселенной, где у каждого автомат, а танк MkIV едет со скоростью 30 км/ч. И тем более было обидно, что они сделали лютую клюкву из DLC про Российскую Империю.

Но вот, появился "Танненберг" и вновь есть надежда на то, что он вырастен в настояющую, хардкорную игру по ПМВ. По механике игра очень напонимает Rising Storm, но по ощущениям - совершенно другая. Игра дает потрясающее реалистичное ощущение окопной войны начала XX века, однако, в отличие от Verdun, окопы не являются единственным вариантом - Восточный Фронт во многом отличался от полей Франции. Здесь будут и перестрелки в чаще леса, и взятие деревень. Игровой процесс достаточно увлекателен уже сейчас, а это пока только ранний доступ.

Из минусов могу отметить полупустые сервера и плохую доступность серверов Евросоюза, но эта проблема решится сама собой если игра получит достаточную популярность, а она получит, я в этом уверен.

Всем кто хочет настоящей Первой Мировой - рекомендую.
Posted November 26, 2017.
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