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Second horror pack with five characters from various games. Download at: https://gamebanana.com/skins/172842
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urh0x @ Epic Games Launcher [www.epicgames.com]
urhox @ EA Origin [www.origin.com]

All my public CS:GO ports

Horror pack #2 [gamebanana.com]
Misc pack #4 [gamebanana.com]
Misc pack #3 [gamebanana.com]
Ugandan Knuckles [drive.google.com]
CSO2 pack #3 [gamebanana.com]
RGB arms [drive.google.com]
Harry Potter [drive.google.com]
Horror pack [gamebanana.com]
Misc pack #2 [gamebanana.com]
Donald Trump [gamebanana.com]
Fat Santa [drive.google.com]
Natalie(Santa Girl) [gamebanana.com]
Sweet Tooth [gamebanana.com]
CSO2 pack #2 [gamebanana.com]
Pirates & Indy pack [drive.google.com]
Jailbreak pack [gamebanana.com]
CSO2 pack [gamebanana.com]
Misc pack [gamebanana.com]
Venom Snake Sneaking Suit [gamebanana.com]
Ellis [gamebanana.com]
Rochelle [gamebanana.com]
Coach [gamebanana.com]
Nick [gamebanana.com]
TF2 Heavy [gamebanana.com]
TF2 Demoman [gamebanana.com]
TF2 Scout [gamebanana.com]
TF2 Medic [gamebanana.com]
TF2 Pyro [gamebanana.com]
TF2 Sniper [gamebanana.com]
TF2 Engineer [gamebanana.com]
TF2 Spy [gamebanana.com]
TF2 Soldier [gamebanana.com]
Batman [gamebanana.com]
Jason Voorhees [gamebanana.com]
Zombie Pack [gamebanana.com]
Barry Burton [gamebanana.com]
Big Boss [gamebanana.com]
Nanosuit [gamebanana.com]
Facehugger [gamebanana.com]
Duke Nukem [gamebanana.com]
Chris Walker [gamebanana.com]
Octabrain & Octaking [gamebanana.com]
Wraith [gamebanana.com]
Dr. Trager [gamebanana.com]
Octodad [gamebanana.com]
Chris Redfield [gamebanana.com]

System specs

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 4.0GHz
GPU: MSI GTX 1080 Armor 8G OC
Mobo: Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero
RAM: G.Skill Trident Z 16GB DDR4 3600 MHz
SSD: Samsung 960 EVO 500GB + Kingston HyperX Savage SSD 256GB
HDD: WD Blue 1TB + Intenso 3TB
PSU: Corsair Vengeance 650M
Case: Fractal Design Define C

Monitor: Acer XF270HUA
Mouse: Razer Abyssus
Keyboard: Turtle Beach IMPACT 600
Headphones: Sennheiser HD 598

𝗠𝗮𝗠𝗮𝗖 Jul 13 @ 5:28am 
Try one of the best CS:GO servers ever!!!!! [SRB] One and Only ▐ Public ¦ 128tick !ws !knife ✬✬
123 May 19 @ 9:53am 
:arrowd:   :arrowr:   :arrowr::arrowu:    :arrowu::arrowdl:   :arrowdl::arrowl:      :arrowur::arrowur:   
:arrowd:   :arrowr:   :arrowr:       :arrowu::arrowdl:   :arrowdl::arrowl:   :arrowl:      :arrowul:
:arrowd::arrowd::arrowr:   :arrowr::arrowu:    :arrowu::arrowdl:   :arrowdl::arrowl:   :arrowl:      :arrowul:
:arrowd:   :arrowr:   :arrowr:       :arrowu::arrowdl:   :arrowdl::arrowl:   :arrowl:      :arrowul:
:arrowd:   :arrowr:   :arrowr::arrowu:    :arrowu::arrowdl:   :arrowdl::arrowl:      :arrowur::arrowur:   
snooze May 9 @ 1:43pm 
added for model questions
darby May 7 @ 2:32pm 
added because i want to ask something about models
123 Mar 17 @ 6:58am 
:arrowd:                           :arrowd:
      :arrowd::arrowd::arrowd:   :arrowd::arrowd::arrowd:      
:arrowl:      :arrowur::arrowur::arrowur::arrowur::arrowur:      :arrowr:
:arrowur::arrowl:      :arrowul::arrowul::arrowul:      :arrowr::arrowu:
:arrowul::arrowur::arrowl:      :arrowd:      :arrowr::arrowu::arrowdl:
Coco Azul Mar 4 @ 3:02pm 
Added for a question and possible custom model :D