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I'm sure my sentiments will be echoed across the internet, but I love this game.The visuals are a mix of artistic styles that are by turns childish, childlike, wondrous, and serene but each scene has edge to it that belies the games darker undertones. The surface is placid, but there are things stirring underneath. The voice acting is fantastic as well. There's a panoply of famous names, and I'm sure you'll know them when you hear them. Honestly I was surprised by Jack Black in what had to be his tamest performance yet. The first time I heard his character speak I was honestly put in mind of the character Arthur from the Journeyman project games, a character whom I love. I eventually realized it was Jack Black and for once, I didn't groan. Well done. The characters are diverse in temperament there was something similarly off about most of them. Not to ruin the story but a person who obstinately remains calm in the midst of mind wrenching horror is one of the scariest things I can think of. The banality of horror is truly chilling. Not to say this is a horror game, ho no! But keep in mind this is Tim Schaefer. He don't make games what don't have twisted sentiments. Gameplay was your standard Point und Klick Adventurwerks we all grew up on, but the inclusion of the drag and drop rather than clicks to use items really threw me for a while. I am very much used to the "classic" controls-- ok the "Non-textual input classic" controls-- I see you over there hipster gamer with your second-hand copy of Zork. Shut up before you attract a grue. I guess this was decided because they felt it more fit with The Tablet Set who are more used to drag and drop. The story is difficult to describe without spoiling it. Suffice to say it's great. I highly recommend it and I eagerly await its sequel.

Posted January 21, 2014.
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