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Self-diagnosed autist Apr 8 @ 6:27pm 
Self-diagnosed autist { flip }
Nov 14,  1998  11:19am 
[Name] David
[Gender] Male
[Age] 69
[Country] Australia
[Languages] English,Learning Japanese
[Mature level] Adult,Idiot at sometimes
Hello. If you are wondering what i'm like i'm just a pethetic little peice of ♥♥♥♥ and no one loves me.
I've "dated" 2 people online and they both want to kill me. All i did was try to be as nice as i could but it was not good enough. They just want to kill me for no reason.
If your going to friend me please be an active friend and don't just friend me for liking Hyperdimension or for the fact that we love Anime.
Thats all for now thank you for reading to the end.
lvl 69 Mar 1 @ 11:19am 
Just a bug my friend :)
$Cashed Out$ Mar 1 @ 9:01am 
-rep french ♥♥♥♥ with hacks
Doge Jan 20 @ 11:53am 
-rep cheater
FUNNO!!! Dec 24, 2020 @ 12:55am 
:sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock:
Ahoj, toto blahoželanie prajem len najbližším tak si ho CEŇ.:spirallove:
Prajem ti krásne :christmasbag: Vianoce :christmasbag: veľa štastia zdravia a lásky:spirallove: .
Prežitie v pokoji a požehnaný:tobyfirework: Nový ROK 2021:tobyfirework:
:spirallove:Ti praje FUNNO!!!:cutedwarf:
:sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock: :sc_sock:
simping charlinka damelio Nov 4, 2020 @ 10:23am 
Všichni mu sem píšou že je dobrej přitom má na cs 7k hodin a hraje jak bot XDD