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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Nov 13 @ 9:54am

Welcome to Aperture

Enter the main lobby of Aperture Science Innovators
Unlocked Nov 14 @ 10:37am

Long-Term Relaxation

Unlocked Nov 18 @ 12:59pm

Voices from Above

Who is that?
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 1:09pm

Firefighting 101

Discover a new way to turn down the heat
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 1:40pm

Back on Track

Enter Virgil's testing track
Unlocked Nov 14 @ 10:23am


Check that all doors have been locked for the night
Unlocked Nov 14 @ 10:29am

Testing the Waters

Super Drowning Skills
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 9:24am

Forever Alone

Try to bring the cube with you
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 8:57am


Solve the same test three times!
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 9:04am

Organic Complications

Hide from AEGIS
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 11:29am

Back off track

Get off the track again
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 12:11pm

Welcome to my Domain

Reach AEGIS's Domain
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 12:24pm

System Shutdown

Shut down AEGIS in Advanced Mode
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 12:59pm

Under the Stairs

Find the radio under the stairs
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 12:55pm

You Shouldn't be Here

Experience a Deeply Unimpactful Moment
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 12:43pm

Single rainbow

Not even all the way!
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 11:27am

Burned in Goo

Get burned whilst in the goo
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 11:31am


Get crushed in the door
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 12:06pm


Get shot on the turret range
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 1:35pm


Get electrocuted
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 11:35am

In the Vents

Get into the vents
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 1:34pm

Beyond your Range of Hearing

Refuse to Listen
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 11:39am

Into Darkness

Mind your Step
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 8:46am


Ignore good advice
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 12:52pm


Find all the Vitrified door messages
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 11:27am


Solve the broken test
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 11:52am


Unlocked Nov 21 @ 1:16pm

Story Shutdown

Shutdown AEGIS in Story Mode