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Not usually a huge fan of FPS games, I can say I really enjoyed playing Crysis 2, the visuals are superb, the story is prety decent but doesn't get in the way, the controls are easy to work with and the normal difficulty is forgiving enough to a fairly poor player such as myself.

The good:
- graphics on ultra are first rate, loads of detail in the playable area and plenty to admire in the background.
- there are many different approaches to almost all scenarios, take it all quite stealthy or wade in guns blazing.
- length of game is fine, and there is plenty of side stuff you can busy yourself with.
- plemty of checkpoints, so dying isn't too much of a pain

The not so good (but dont be too put off)
- I'd have liked a larger range of weapons.

I didn't attempt to play the multiplayer, and the game supports 21:9 monitors natively.