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some games i like: clicky

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robert the robber 21. srp. v 20.57 
hi i love your work
76561199393133482 7. srp. v 9.51 
signed by me, lets play csgo
Ayynakin 29. čvc. v 9.56 
thanks for telling me how to delete screenshots
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signed by me :) lets play
SovereignOtter 19. kvě. v 20.52 
Hi, I recently noticed your profile showed up as a recent member to acquire Titanfall Deluxe Edition on steam-tracker .com? I've been looking for a copy myself but haven't had any luck finding one. If you bought your copy, would you mind if I asked you where you got it from? Thank you for your time!
art 27. dub. v 10.59