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Trivia Murder Party 2: Me and My Dad

Survive the game (and then some) while wearing Father's Hat
Unlocked Jun 5, 2020 @ 10:30pm

Trivia Murder Party 2: Quiplash!

Get all the votes in an old favorite
Unlocked Jan 10, 2020 @ 8:44pm

Trivia Murder Party 2: Password (un)Protected

Crack someone's password
Unlocked Nov 1, 2019 @ 8:43pm

Role Models: Majorities Rule

All players get a role without tiebreakers in a 6 player game
Unlocked Oct 24, 2019 @ 10:54pm

Role Models: Know Thyself

Get a role you doubled down on
Unlocked Oct 19, 2019 @ 8:42pm

Role Models: That Ain't Me

Everyone but you chooses you for a role
Unlocked Oct 24, 2019 @ 11:04pm

Role Models: Unclassifiable

Get a consolation role
Unlocked Oct 19, 2019 @ 8:37pm

Joke Boat: So brave

You elect to perform every joke
Unlocked Oct 19, 2019 @ 9:32pm

Joke Boat: Giant Slayer

You beat a joke that previously received unanimous votes in a 5-8 player game
Unlocked Oct 24, 2019 @ 10:39pm

Joke Boat: Punching Down

Compete against a joke that previously received zero points
Unlocked Oct 19, 2019 @ 9:32pm

Push the Button: Almost got ‘em

The aliens win the game after a failed vote where they were properly isolated
Unlocked Nov 15, 2019 @ 10:22pm

Trivia Murder Party 2: Runaways

Win a game as the audience

Joke Boat: Killed It

Win every matchup

Dictionarium: Divinely Defined

Your definition gets all the player votes and 90% of the audience

Dictionarium: Run-On

Write a sentence in Round 3 that uses the entire character limit

Dictionarium: I Wrote the Book

Win all three rounds in a 3-5 player game

Dictionarium: Mucus Ranch

Use the phrase "mucus ranch" and win a round with it

Push the Button: No Hit, Sherlock

Aliens win in under five minutes

Push the Button: Hacked Off

Aliens win without using hacks

Push the Button: Skin of Your Teeth

Humans win with one second or less remaining on the clock