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About me
:2016trophy: Age: 21
:2016trophy: Gender: Male
:2016trophy: From: Hamburg, Germany
:2016trophy: Education: Specialised A-levels
:2016trophy: Occupation: IT administrator in public service

PC Specs
:2016trophy: CPU: Ryzen 2600
:2016trophy: GPU: MSI GTX 1070
:2016trophy: Mainbord: MSI B350 Tomahawk
:2016trophy: Ram: GSkill 16GB DDR4
:2016trophy: HDD: Segate 2TB
:2016trophy: SSD: Samsung 850 Evo
:2016trophy: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
:2016trophy: Keyboard: Logitech G810 Pro
:2016trophy: Mouse: Steelseries Rival 600 RGB
:2016trophy: Headset: Logitech G Pro X
:2016trophy: Webcam: Logitech C270

:2016trophy: Twitch []
:2016trophy: YouTube
:2016trophy: Config []
:2016trophy: Tradelink
:2016trophy: Steamrep []
:2016trophy: FSE profile []

Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars
Current regiment
:2016trophy: 18e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne [18e] - Fusilier

Regimental history
:2016trophy: 18e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne [18e] - Fusilier
:2016trophy: 91st Regiment of Foot [91st] - Recruit
:2016trophy: 3. Dänisches Leib-Grenadier-Regiment [LGR] - Major
:2016trophy: 72nd Highland Regiment of Foot [72nd] - Private
:2016trophy: 18e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne [18e] - Fusilier
:2016trophy: Grenadier-Regiment Nr.2 [GR2] - Oberst
:2016trophy: Garde-Füsilier-Regiment [GFr] - Oberst
:2016trophy: Limburgisches Füsilier Regiment [LFR] - Oberst
:2016trophy: Infanterie-Regiment Nr.22 [Nr22] - Oberstleutnant
:2016trophy: Niederländisches Garde Regiment Nr.1 [NG_Nr1] - Gardist
:2016trophy: 2tes Garde-Feldartillerie-Regiment [2tesGFR] - Adjutant
:2016trophy: Schlesisches Schützen-Batallion [SSB] - Rekrut
:2016trophy: 2. Leib-Husaren-Regiment [2Lhr] - Gemeiner
:2016trophy: 1Kurhessisches [1Kurh] - Rekrut

GF team history
:2016trophy: Animals
:2016trophy: Serpents
:2016trophy: TBE

Other NW information
:2016trophy: NWL 1st League Winner (Season 9) with 18e

:2016trophy: Tropical Hell Owner
:2016trophy: Arena Champion Admin
:2016trophy: Founder of the GR2 with active 15-20 man, played competetive
in the german community. Disbanded due to limited time in 2018.

:2016trophy: NWL Referee
:2016trophy: DGL Referee (german groupfight league)
:2016trophy: Reffing matches on my server (1v1)

:2016trophy: FSE Donator
:2016trophy: Steamlevel 50
:2016trophy: Clean steamrep
:2016trophy: Verified paypal account
:2016trophy: Donator on ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
:2016trophy: Trading skins since 2015
:2016trophy: More than 350 +rep on my account, all legitimately collected for every single trade

Rules for adding me
:2016trophy: No private profiles.
:2016trophy: No private inventory.
:2016trophy: No low steam profiles.

If you do not follow these rules, I will probably block you.
If you want to trade with me, use the tradelink above or write a comment on my profile.
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burst angel Jun 30 @ 1:49am 
Hey man, add my main for a quick talk . My organisation is interested in you.
TWITCH BOT #214 Jun 27 @ 5:25am 
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Beret Jun 22 @ 8:06am 
Hi, add me, I have an interesting offer and present for you
Janneta Jun 15 @ 8:34am 
add me for a quick talk, i have an offer, i couldnt add you for some reason...
DuRy # 2 (not main) Jun 6 @ 1:15am 
add me mate
Beydar Jun 3 @ 8:24am 
Sup man, my friend recommended me to invite you to our team. We have flexible schedule and good salaries. So if you want to try - you're welcome :) Add my main to discuss all of this →