Jon Arbuckle   Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia
A very rich man who loves single mothers with mixed race children.

ask yourself "how could they benefit from claiming to be victims of genocide", and then look at the highly elevated status of jews in todays society

they are LITERALLY untouchable

any attempt to draw attention to the fact that they invariably occupy positions of power in key industries (media, academics, etc) and exercise obvious in-group bias towards other jews will just end with you being branded a nazi and being reminded that six million of the chosen peoples were murdered by aryan monsters such as yourself.
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pigeonwb 6 hours ago 
great backburner pyro heh
groovy Oct 18 @ 5:52am 
sick taunt bro
Smartskull Sep 13 @ 3:17am 
damn dude youre BASED as ♥♥♥♥! please let me into your anal fisting session xoxo
Foreign Sep 2 @ 12:08am 
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