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JOANANA Nov 12 @ 4:06pm 
Here 💦♥♥♥♥💦 🎅🏽Santa Claus,🎅🏽 here 💦♥♥♥♥💦 🎅🏽Santa Claus,🎅🏽 right down 👩🏽👸🏽slutty girl lane!👩🏽👸🏽 ❌🚫❌🚫STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!❌🚫❌🚫 Is your 👨🏻👨🏻daddy👨🏻👨🏻 not giving you enough 💦💦💦cummies?!💦💦💦 Hold up,🙅🏽🙅🏽🙅🏽 ho! It's 💦💦cummy💦💦 ❄️💦❄️SEASON!❄️💦❄️ Push✋🏽✋🏽 that 👨🏻👨🏻daddy👨🏻👨🏻 to the ⏩⏩side⏩⏩ and let a 👌🏽NEW👌🏽 father in 🏡YOUR CHIMNEY!! 🏡 🎅🏽🎅🏽🎅🏽Father CHRISTMAS,🎅🏽🎅🏽🎅🏽 the 👑👑KING👑👑 of 💦cummies!💦 That's right,👍🏼 he's been making 👧🏽little👧🏽 👧🏽girls👧🏽 squishy for 6️⃣ CENTURIES. Don't ❎❎ mind the old saying; he ONLY makes the 💦😫😫😈NAUGHTIEST😈😫😫💦girls ☁️squishy☁️!
champagneajayyyh$ Nov 3 @ 9:11am 
beast af!!
JOANANA Sep 7 @ 9:51am 
donny molot
spike Sep 5 @ 8:35am 
*DEAD*(Terrorist) R.FeldmaN‎ : remember they like dildo
quiet May 7 @ 3:44pm 
"I'm not elephanting"
JOANANA Apr 27 @ 8:35am 
"i got so scared i burped"

-kezzivov 27 april 2022