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Oh my god. I love milkshakes!

I hate my life. I'm a failure. I'm 22 years old and and I'm a lowly cook at a fast food joint. This is the only job I have ever had and I will probably never get a better one. My coworker harasses me verbally all day. If I told my boss, he would just cut my already low salary. All that he cares about is money.

Outside of work, I don't do anything. My best friend is mentally retarded, but I suppose that's better than nothing. I am in love with one of my neighbors. She's a gorgeous southern belle who just moved here, but I'm sure she hates me too.

I'm stuck in my hometown because I never learned to drive. I fail the drivers license test EVERY TIME I TAKE IT. Worst of all, I live in a pineapple under the sea
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Help! I accidentally set my dog on fire!
Please help! I was giving her a bath in cold gasoline today. I later took a cigarette break, and I couldn't find an ash tray, so I put it on my dog and he bursted into flames! He is on fire now! I couldn't find anything to put it out, so I used alcohol, which made things worse! How do I make sure he didn't die in vain?

I like shibs if you cant tell.

Sweet24pea : i cant shoot
Krobalt : whayt
Sweet24pea : can i fix it so how
Sweet24pea : and cant hit people
Krobalt : can you open console?
Sweet24pea : yeah
Krobalt : ok ill send u a command
Krobalt : bind 'mouse 1' +attack
Krobalt : or go to options, keyboard find primary attack and set it to mouse 1
Sweet24pea : Holy Carp

*DEAD* Worst. Sniper. Ever. : wtf
*DEAD* Worst. Sniper. Ever. : cf telepotn igerte
*DEAD* Worst. Sniper. Ever. : NIGGER TLERPOT
*DEAD* Worst. Sniper. Ever. : up on rofof then isnsid building

Bumple: you'll be my son, and I'll be your daughter

*DEAD* Foxy's Little Butt Sniffer : *Howls in agony!*
Foxy's Little Butt Sniffer : Awwwoooo!!!
Foxy's Little Butt Sniffer : Woof! Woof! Wuff!


*DEAD* Guardian Wolf : FURRY PRIDE! AWOOO!

『Za Warudo』's Apoco-Fists has reached a new rank: Scarcely Lethal!

Void the Artistic Dragon : Come on,Take a sit.

(TEAM) terluka9191 : !how to wall jumping

happyelrich : why
happyelrich : im pacific
happyelrich : im friendly
happyelrich : really dude stop
happyelrich : im pacidic dude stop

I once accadentally peed on a kid -jubz2k18

jub quote wal
im jub, i like to kik childruns sandy castles
im jub, i succ at spy
im jub, anime is good and so are traps
im jub, im the worse jubz
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He is my Daddy, last night he ♥♥♥♥ed me in the♥♥♥♥♥so hard i couldnt walk straight for the rest of the night! He treats me like a good little♥♥♥♥♥dumpster, I love him and his hard♥♥♥♥♥♥
seka_ Aug 29 @ 5:09pm 
i saw you in someone's profile, it was because they were salty you unfriended them lol
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You're are the touch it all you want