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💚💚💚 my stinknificant other~ 💚💚💚
Formerly named "Krazy". Gay furfag, smelly skunk, TF2/CS:S/CS:GO Mapper, YTPer/YTPMVer, practicing art. Please read the info down below before adding me, or else I'll reject. Avatar by FightMeAtPax
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before adding me >w>
Can't really fit everything at the top of the profile, so here's some stuff to know before adding me:

1. NO TRADING WITH ME , trading is gay af. if you add me just for trading purposes, not only will i block you, but i will personally DDOX your mom's address so dont fuck with me okay? good

2. LEAVE A FUCKING COMMENT or else i will decline your request (unless you know ill recognize you, which is probably not likely so comment anyways k thx). If you don't leave a comment, then I'm 100% assuming you're a scammer/scambot or a hacked account, and I'm declining. If you're one of them EPIC g4m3r gurls with no mutuals that keeps adding me because you're thirsty for my fat juicy cock and my valuable tf2 items, sry im gay (and happily taken)

3. NO LOGANGSTERS. i only accept fellow jake paulers. also do not forget to go grab your jake paul merch HERE →→→

that's pretty much it lol

other stuff you probably give no shits about:

discord: KrazedDonut#0069
my yewtube
my twatter
my fa []

about me:

i'm boring af
˘ω˘ QU1N71N okt. 18., 23:08 
awwww man, u guys stank up my profile...
Furchee okt. 16., 19:05 
Dear KrazedDonut,
my 5 year old daughter looked at your profile on her Wii U, (which mind you, doesn't give you a warning at the beginning of the viewing) and when I came over, she was curled up with fear, I asked her what the matter was, and she said that this profile has blood and bad words. Why the heck would you make a profile like this on STEAM? I want you to take down any of your profiles that have cursing or blood in them, if you don't, I will have the FBI get involved.
From: A very angry parent
ⁿᵒ okt. 8., 11:34 
Davidn64 okt. 2., 8:01 
Might as well do the same! :D
Digivee okt. 1., 18:21 
Im adding you because skunky is a good friend of mine :3
Davidn64 okt. 1., 7:03