Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Gone for a while. Playing Classic WoW!
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Please read the FAQ for info on how to contact me or to become a friend of mine.

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About Me
If you have come all this way to look at my profile, then you must find me interesting. I mean I have to be! My momma said so!
But seriously, for whatever reason you came to my profile, I'm glad I somehow piqued your interest. Feel free to read the rest of this Info Box if you want.

:_Q_: Do you accept friend requests?
:icon: I don't accept random friend requests from people I've never met. I will; however, gladly accept your friend request if I recognize you from a game and seem like a nice guy/gal. Just as long as your profile isn't level 0 or private.

:_Q_: Who do you main in TF2?
:icon: I main Engineer, Heavy & Medic (mostly Engie). I like to play Demoknight when I just wanna mess around.

:_Q_: Can I find you on other social media websites?
:icon: I have a Youtube channel. (I used to have a Twitter account, until I realized how horrible that website is.)

:_Q_: What are you planning to do with your life?
:icon: Make entertaining videos that'll most likely be TF2 related on both Youtube and Twitch. :action:

:_Q_: You got a Steam Group?
:icon: Krazer's Band of Jokers is always looking for new recruits!

:_Q_: Do you have your own TF2 server?
:icon: Not atm, and probably not anytime soon.

:_Q_: Do you accept donations?
:icon: Yes, I'd be very happy if you did. I'll comment on your profile showing you my appreciation. :loveglow:

:_Q_: Did you make this Q&A to make yourself sound important and to boost your fragile over-inflated ego?
:icon: .........Maybe. :torielsad:

:ns_blue: Online - I'm on Steam. Feel free to chat with me anytime when this status is on.
:ns_green: In-Game - Kinda obvious, ain't it? Playing video games! You can join me if you are able to or chat.
:ns_red: Offline - Welp, I'm clearly not on Steam. You can still message me though and I should see it when I get back on.
:PinkMagnet: Away - "Gee, I wonder what this could mean!" I'm either not doing anything on Steam or just not on my computer for a while.
:YellowMagnet: Do Not Disturb - I'm on Steam, but probably doing something important or don't want to be disturbed. Please do not message me unless it is urgent.

Being My Friend
Staying on my friends list shouldn't be too difficult. Just a few things I ask of you.

Major Rules
Rules that are absolutely crucial if you want to stay friends with me.
:global: Never invite me to raffle groups! That is the fastest way to be booted off the list and possibly even blocked.
:global: Do not send me links to anything whether it be on my profile or while chatting with me. I'll warn you at least once or twice to not do it again, but I'll kick you off my friends list if you try my patience any further.
:global: Being a complete prick will not only get you kicked from my friends list, you will also be blocked. Just don't be a jerk.

Minor Rules
These aren't so much as rules as they are requests. If you follow them, we'll get along just fine.
:global: Chatting with me is completely fine. Don't be obnoxious though.
:global: Sending me images like memes or jokes while chatting is also acceptable and even encouraged! (Just as long as the images aren't NSFW or just straight up porn.)
:global: Ask me if you want to join me in a game (I may not outright say it or at all, but I will appreciate it if you do). Please don't invite me to a game without asking if I want to. I also can't guarantee that I'll join as I could possibly be doing other stuff, but I'll let you know why if I can't.

:diamond: If you want to trade with me, don't send me a friend request. Send me a trade offer instead!
:diamond: If you ARE going to send me a friend request to trade, please comment below why you're adding me. Otherwise, I'll just decline.
:diamond: I refuse to accept trade offers/friend requests from profiles that have private inventories and I check for backpack and steamrep information for people I'm being sent requests from before accepting any offers. In others words: Piss off scammers.
:diamond: To all the scammers out there...
:diamond: The items in the "Item Showcase" sections down below are for display only. Do NOT send a trade offer for those items.
:diamond: The items in the "Items Up For Trade", however, ARE available for trade. Please check out my prices for those items on my profile. []

The End
Thanks for reading all of that! It's nice to think people want to know more about me. :happy_creep:
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sv_joebiden 1 Jul 19 @ 6:40am 
very cool guy made my 2fort match extremely fun
Demoman Jumpscare Jul 16 @ 4:38am 
you should play deep blue by miracle of sound
Not Christmas Jul 7 @ 2:41am 
-dott Jun 30 @ 8:12am 
MaskedN3on.TTV Jun 30 @ 2:44am 
Happy birthday man :cleancake:
Snake Jun 27 @ 7:38am 
absolute legend thanks for the funniest tf2 match in years