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spooky gravities Mar 22 @ 7:37pm 
I hate it when Morgan Freeman appears on my backseat and turns everyone into Morgan Freeman.
spooky gravities Mar 22 @ 7:29pm 
When you have no friends and your depressed and its monday and your thinking about suicide, but you realize suicide is not the way to go so you just play this song on repeat for 10 hours but then realize your doing nothing with your life and you just missed double xp weekend and now you wanna watch titanic but its not on netflix and you have no money so you look it up on youtube and you have to pay money but your poor so you cant and then you decide you want to go on twitch but no one is streaming so you spend 20 minutes on writing a really long comment about whats wrong in your life and you spelt half the words wrong but you are too lazy so you just post the comment and nobody else likes it so it only has 1 like and its you so everyone thinks your lonely and weird or something....
spooky gravities Mar 19 @ 7:34pm 
Google Has dedicated 1 Billion Dollars to giving the world free wifi access through satellites, so soon even in third world countries they will have our refurbished smartphones. All of us need funding for a Website. The Website, will be the most popular website in history. it's existence is inevitable, and the public needs it. The Website is a list of everyone's problems, that get prioritized to the top of its lists by (basically being voted on) with a star rating system. Imagine if everyone had access directly to our leaders instantly. Those in charge would know exactly what's important to everyone without any doubt whatsoever. We would have a voice that we could point to and say "look, this many people, everyday use this medium, and everyone who wants one gets a voice". Then our leaders would be able to and dedicate resources to the problems which make it to the top of the lists, and things would just get done without any red tape, politics, shady backroom deals, or corruption.
spooky gravities Feb 1 @ 10:05pm 
spooky gravities Feb 1 @ 11:37am 
Anti Bully Ranger!
slothicus spooky vampire Jan 22 @ 10:40am 
you learnt a valuable lesson about grey micropig markets