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Unlocked Aug 4, 2015 @ 1:54am


Win your first battle.

Chapter I

Complete Chapter I.

Chapter II

Complete Chapter II.

Chapter III

Complete Chapter III.

Chapter IV

Complete Chapter IV.

Chapter V

Complete Chapter V.

Chapter VI

Complete Chapter VI.


Defeat the boss of Sunken Ruins.


Defeat the boss of Lao Prison.

Giant Killer

Defeat the boss of Giant Land.

Doom Bringer

Defeat the boss of Doom Lair.

Proof of Might

Defeat Calloc.


Defeat Mechaslime.

Trees Bien

Defeat Chimera Prime.

Comeback King

Defeat Foxer.


Defeat Seraph.

Slayers Crystal

Complete the Slayer tree.

Guardian Crystal

Complete the Guardian tree.

Thief Crystal

Complete the Thief tree.

Mage Crystal

Complete the Mage tree.

Trickster Crystal

Complete the Trickster tree.

Healer Crystal

Complete the Healer tree.

Dragon's Roar

Use "Dragon's Roar" in battle.

Dragon's Breath

Use "Dragon's Breath" in battle.

Dragon's Rage

Use "Dragon's Rage" in battle.

Cursed Dagger

Use "Cursed Dagger" in battle.

Lucky Strike

Use "Lucky Strike" in battle.

Cyclone Dance

Use "Cyclone Dance" in battle.


Use "Snipe" in battle.

Magic Bullet

Use "Magic Bullet" in battle.

Trigger Happy

Use "Trigger Happy" in battle.


Use "Rend" in battle.


Use "Hurricane" in battle.

Death's Gate

Use "Death's Gate" in battle.


Complete the bestiary.


Complete all Wanted Quests

Wanted X

Complete all Wanted X Quests

Defense Matcher

Defeat all match defense quests.


Catch all the rare fishes.

Snowboard Extreme!

Get a Gold time on Track 3 of Snowboard Extreme!


Win all Mercenary Defense events.


Successfully hack all of the hackable chests.

Generic Quest

Complete the Secret Quest.

Small Town Gang

Defeat the "Small Town Gang" in the Battle Arena.

Desert Crawlers

Defeat the "Desert Crawlers" in the Battle Arena.

Swamp Stalkers

Defeat the "Swamp Stalkers" in the Battle Arena.

Highlands Flyers

Defeat the "Highlands Flyers" in the Battle Arena.

Snowy Chillers

Defeat the "Snowy Chillers" in the Battle Arena.

Small Town Gang Hard Mode

Defeat the "Small Town Gang" (Hard Mode) in the Battle Arena.

Desert Crawlers Hard Mode

Defeat the "Desert Crawlers" (Hard Mode) in the Battle Arena.

Swamp Stalkers Hard Mode

Defeat the "Swamp Stalkers" (Hard Mode) in the Battle Arena.

Highlands Flyers Hard Mode

Defeat the "Highlands Flyers" (Hard Mode) in the Battle Arena.

Snowy Chillers Hard Mode

Defeat the "Snowy Chillers" (Hard Mode) in the Battle Arena.

The Small 3

Defeat "The Small 3" in the Battle Arena.

The Dead

Defeat "The Dead" in the Battle Arena.


Defeat the "Royalty" in the Battle Arena.

Earth, Wind and Fire

Defeat the "Earth, Wind and Fire" in the Battle Arena.

The Big 3

Defeat "The Big 3" in the Battle Arena.

Card Class D

Win 5 Class D Card battles.

Card Class C

Win 5 Class C Card battles.

Card Class B

Win 5 Class B Card battles.

Card Class A

Win 5 Class A Card battles.

Card Class S

Win 5 Class S Card battles.

Card Class GM

Win 5 Class GM Card battles.

Impossible Deck

Defeat the Card Master in a card battle.

Number One Card!

Obtain the Number One Card.