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Bunny Must Die

Clear Bunny Must Die mode.

Speed Bunny

Clear Bunny Must Die mode in under 2 hours.

I'm Late, I'm Late!

Clear Bunny Must Die mode in under 1 hour.

The Bunny With It All

Clear Bunny Must Die mode with 100% items obtained.

88 Bunnies Per Hour

Clear Bunny Must Die mode in under 2 hours with 100% items obtained.

Bravery or Insanity?

Clear Bunny Must Die mode with less than 15% items obtained.

The Truth Is Up There

Get abducted by a UFO.

Totally Beyond Dead

Die 1,000 times.
0 / 1,000

One Step Forward, Infinite Steps Back

Collect 100,000 Time Gems.
0 / 100,000

Dungeon Brawler

Block 1,000 times.
0 / 1,000

Ms. Forehead's Rage

Defeat the First Devil, El Bobonboi, in her Crazed Insane Mode.

Bringing a Sword to a Tank Fight

Defeat the Second Devil, Pure Aahaah, using the Faust Samurai.

The Silver Century

Defeat the Moon Shadow, Endymion, using the Sylph Shooter.

Thermomewclear Blast

Defeat the Third Devil, Nuko do Maron, within 30 seconds.

Death Feels Strangely Familiar

Defeat the Reaper, Selene Millfall, using the Faust Samurai.

A Miserable Pile of Pixels

Defeat the Fourth Devil, Baron Bramdeau, within 30 seconds.

Pepo Infallibility

Defeat the Crimson King, Pope Cucurbita, without stopping time.

The Great Pumpkish

Defeat the Pumpkin King, Lord Pumpkish, without taking any damage.

Pumpkin Slaughterer

Defeat the Jester King, Choker Joker, using the Spike Hammer.

A Bit Shy

Defeat the Sixth Devil, Halloween Alice, without taking any damage.

The True Heroine

Defeat the Fairy Princess, Chelsea Mamanaju, without using any Bunny Dolls.

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