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Some people are just so pathetic.
It's ridiculous. :nath:
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Some very random information about me
I currently have a pretty big backlog of games I wanna catch up on, so you won't see me play juices that much for now, don't worry though, feel always free to invite~

Current list of games I'm playing/gonna play:
1. Fortnite (Currently Playing)
2. SoulWorker (Currently Playing)
3. Little Busters English Edition (Watched the anime recently, so I'm gonna wait to play it)
4. Narcissu: Sumire (I started it a bit but then something came up)
5. Seabed (Starting soon)
6. Yume Nikki (Still have to continue it)
7. Overwatch (Retribution Event)

- I'm 18 years old
- My birthday is the 25th of May.
- I'm a friendly person that will always love to have a talk with you.
- Please add me for a reason.
- I'm a big fan of Visual Novels although I'm taking small breaks of reading them for now.
- My favorite companies are Key Studios/VisualArts and Fruitbat Factory.
- I still play Overwatch now and then but less than Iu sed to.
- I have a twitter: https://twitter.com/Kowiix
- You can also play with me on Fortnite, my username there is Kowiix.

Things I like:
- Eating.
- Anime.
- Visual Novels
- Friends that actually care about me.
- Nintendo
- Teasing people
- Nanami Chiaki
- Pͪ̇̃́o̫͖͖͋ͭͯpp͕̅̚ͅơ̝̰̬̈ͮ͐

Things I dislike:
- Smartasses.
- Toxic people.
- Advertisers.
- People that make fun of depression, seriously, it's not a thing to laugh about.

Discord (The best way to contact me next to Steam): Kowiix#9001
Twitter: @Kowiix
Epic Games (Fortnite): Kowiix
Bnet (Overwatch) : Dreamix#21345
Nintendo Switch: SW-0064-5993-0226
osu!: Miunix
Twitch: Kowiiix
◤ ✪ Kaze◥ ™ Apr 21 @ 10:02pm 
Love the way you shoved it down the people who were abusing a glitch, down their throat <3
󠀡Kowiix Apr 21 @ 9:30am 
I'm am not having a bad day, why?
Pistachi Apr 21 @ 8:20am 
Hey uh i saw you in the discussion thread of soul worker, are you having a bad day i am worried
Exᴄᴇᴇᴅ Mar 28 @ 3:58am 
Anime Artwork Showcase changes +Stalking Value
Yuda ユダキラ Mar 25 @ 12:41pm 
Have a nice day, Kowii! <3
󠀡Kowiix Mar 17 @ 4:37am