Jesse   Belgium
Some people are just so pathetic.
It's ridiculous. :nath:
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Some very random information about me
I currently have a pretty big backlog of games I wanna catch up on, so you won't see me play juices that much for now, don't worry though, feel always free to invite~

Current list of games I'm playing/gonna play:
1. Fortnite (Currently Playing)
2. SoulWorker (Currently Playing)
3. Little Busters English Edition (Watched the anime recently, so I'm gonna wait to play it)
4. Narcissu: Sumire (I started it a bit but then something came up)
5. Seabed (Starting soon)
6. Yume Nikki (Still have to continue it)
7. Overwatch (Uprising is returning soon so I'm gonna have to farm some credits)

- I'm 18 years old
- My birthday is the 25th of May.
- I'm a friendly person that will always love to have a talk with you.
- Please add me for a reason.
- You could say I'm a big fan of Key Studios.
- I also like Fruitbat Factory alot because the community in itself is pretty nice, and the developers always love to have a talk with people
- I used to play Overwatch. I quit for the time being.
- I have a twitter: https://twitter.com/Kowiix
- You can also play with me on Fortnite, my username there is Kowiix.

Things I like:
- Eating.
- Anime.
- Sad Visual Novels.
- Friends that actually care about me.
- Nintendo
- Teasing people
- Making fun of meem ragequitting in OJ please don't read this meem
- Nanami Chiaki
- Pͪ̇̃́o̫͖͖͋ͭͯpp͕̅̚ͅơ̝̰̬̈ͮ͐

Things I dislike:
- Smartasses.
- Toxic people.
- Advertisers.
- People that make fun of depression, seriously, it's not a thing to laugh about.
- M̱̖̔ͨys̴̰̓ë̷́ͫ̇ĺ̴͙͎̈́͛ͅfͥ

Discord (The best way to contact me next to Steam): Kowiix#9001
Twitter: @Kowiix
Epic Games (Fortnite): Kowiix
Bnet (Overwatch) : Dreamix#21345
Nintendo Switch: SW-0064-5993-0226
osu!: Miunix

Why does life have to be such a pain sometimes?
Why cant everything just be happy?
Why do I have to keep suffering?
Just why?
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Have a nice day, Kowii! <3
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I wish you have a lovely weekend!~ :bheart:
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