Inhumane Person   Belgium
I don't have much to say
I'm not kidding.
My Discord server [discord.gg]

Favorite Quotes
It doesn't make a difference whether you have a talent or not. I mean, that isn't the end goal. You have greater freedom than we do. All I have are games. But you can go anywhere and become anything. - Nanami Chiaki, Danganronpa

There are people in this world who don’t understand that what they consider a harmless prank can deeply hurt someone else. - Mio Nishizono, Little Busters

Perhaps living without sin is a sin in itself. - Rika Furude, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

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About Me
I'm Jesse, currently 19 years old
I age on the 25th of May.
I'm a pretty positive yet negative guy. You could more likely call me a neutral person?
I've been a big fan of Steam ever since I first checked it out, I mean, who doesn't?

Right as of now, you won't see me play much on Steam next to SoulWorker and 100% Orange Juice, but that will change soon.
I still have a huge backlog of animes to watch, and other games to complete that I'm first focusing on those.

- Positivity
- Gaming
- Making Friends
- Kindness
- Nintendo
- Fruitbat Factory, Key Studios/VisualArts and MoeNovel

- Negativity
- Forum Flamers (Despite being called one myself for some reason.)
- Toxic People
- Smartasses
- Bullies

My Social/Game Stuff
Discord (The best way to contact me next to Steam): Kowiix#9001
Twitter: @Kowiix
Epic Games (Fortnite): Kowiix
Bnet (Overwatch) : Dreamix#21345
Nintendo Switch: SW-0064-5993-0226
osu!: Miunix
Twitch: Kowiiix

Dearest Friends
KingDingo3 : Really fun guy to talk with, he's also the most friendly person I know

MeeM : Simply the best friend I could wish for. He's always there when I need him, and despite the fights we have, we always talk it out.

Heroki/defi : Although we don't really talk anymore, I still see you as a friend I really care about, I'm sorry for not spending time with you lately, I've just been too busy :/

Luna : What to say about you? You're simply amazing and I'm so glad we're friends. You're so nice to me and I can always tell you how I feel, and you'll always be there for me. I'm so glad we become friends (Also amazed we joined steam on the same time)

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Umaru Jul 8 @ 5:03am 
hey srry was afk when you whisp :o
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No problemo.
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Thank you for the help!
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is that pfp Illyasviel?
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happy birthday