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Dear friends. It's seems that I traded for hijacked items and now have blocked account. It's not specially, I'm not blame in this situation. I hope for the best and hope that you will support me in this situation! Thanks!

Reason of ban: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198005166703/ ( GOODWIN ). I have been banned, because this person trade to me STOLEN items INTENTIONALLY.

Thanks a lot to all, who helped me.

➲ My backpack ♔ [tf2b.com]
➲ My wiki cap. I ♥ it so much :3 [tf2b.com]
➲ My thread about my ban. I hope, that Valve will see on it.
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shuVkech 11月13日下午1:53 
My inglish is perfect 2015年3月13日下午3:08 
брат братишка :minion:
KosToLoM ! 遭交易封禁 2014年4月20日上午1:07 
I have only 1 WIKI CAP in my BP.
King Dario 2014年4月12日下午12:03 
Well.You DO have 10 wiki caps.Thats a Little bit suspicious...
KosToLoM ! 遭交易封禁 2014年3月14日上午10:18 
Thanks :). I hope too...
mara sov's blue footpussy 2014年3月13日下午9:55 
Man, I hope your ♥♥♥♥ gets fixed soon.