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It can’t stop the wars, can’t make the old younger or lower the price of bread, can’t erase solitude or dull the tread outside the door, we can only nod, yes, it’s true, but no need to remind, to point, for it is all with us, always, except, perhaps at certain moments, here among these rows of balconies, in a crowd or out of it, perhaps waiting to enter, watching. And tomorrow we’ll read that Stravinsky's Firebird made tulips grow in my garden and altered the flow of the ocean currents. We must believe it’s true. There must be something else. Otherwise it would be quite hopeless. But it is quite hopeless. Unquestioning. But it can’t go on. It, say it, not knowing what. It’s getting late. Where now? When now? I have a present for you. Keep going, page after page. Keep going, going on, call that going, call that on. But wait. He is barely moving, now, almost still. Should I make my introductions?

My name's Daniel. I like videogames and music. You too? Awesome.

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The Dreamer Jul 26, 2014 @ 2:34pm 
Multiplayer Games Not Listed on my Steam Games List:

Spore\Parts Pack\Galactic Adventures
Company of Heroes\Opposing Fronts
Starcraft\ Brood War
Hidden: Source
Obsidian Conflict\All Main Model Packs
Kawaks\ Metal Slug 1-5\ Various Other Games
Sins of a Solar Empire\Entrenchment\Diplomacy
Dead Space 2
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Mechwarrior 4\Mercenaries\Mektek Mekpak

If you've got any of these games and are up for a match, I'm up for one too, ;D