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:csgoskull:Important Quotes:csgoskull:
:csgox: "If you want to win against retards, you have to think like one"
Xizt @ ESL One Katowice 2015"

:csgox:"OMG Guys, JW just smiled at me. I get a boner guys!"
n0thing@ Cloud 9 vs. fnatic

:csgox:Push it. Push it like you would push your Girlfriend."
allu @ESL One Katowice 2015

:csgox:"are those redbulls only for the commercial, or can we actual drink them?"
allu @ESL One Katowice 2015

:csgox:"Damn there are some fine women here I need to frag"
Kioshima @ a half-time break

:csgox:How to retake like a boss:
Xizt: "we need to retake , do you have nades?"
Forest: "no"
Xizt: "fuck it retake with headshots"

:eshock: CS:GO:eshock:
:csgostar:My sensitivity: 1.08 at 400 DPI
:csgostar:Resolution: 1080x728 - 4:3
:csgostar:Crosshair: by Nik0
:csgostar:Player Type: Lurk/Support
:csgostar:Matchmaking Rank: Supreme Master First Class
:csgostar: Startet with: Silver III
:csgostar:Fav. Maps: Cobblestone, Cache
:csgostar:Support: Berlin International Gaming (BIG), Ninjas in Pyjamas, Cloud 9
:csgostar:Idol: Nik0, gobB, tabseN
:csgostar:Miscellaneous: Clutchmeister
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