Marlon   Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
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You wan't to hire me?
Don't add me, instead join my Discord and ask there if you have any questions: https://discord.gg/a2hCpHc

Hey, thanks for stopping by :)
I'm from Germany and I've been working on modifications for Arma 3 since 2015.
I released my first Terrain "Siego" on the Workshop at this time.
Now, 3 Years later, I'm still working on Arma 3 Content and I'm looking forward to keep doing what I love.
Here are a few of my mentionable Projects:

»Advanced Combat Animations
»Ace 3 Extension (Animation & Actions)
»Ace 3 Extension (Placeables)
»Ace 3 Extension (Gestures)
»Dusty Roads RPG
»German Special Forces Mod
»Nassau 1715

I generally don't like joining Teams, if I do, then you should be able to convince me of your Projects uniqueness.
Other than that I also do commissions.
Of course I don't only work for money, I'd always like to help out with issues you have, just leave a comment and add me :)
If you're now interested in how I might be able to help you, take a look at my Screenshot Gallery, most of my work is displayed in there, but keep in mind, some of these 3D Models are made by someone else, all I did, was porting them.

Here's a list of my current Skills:
»Structure Modelling
»Script & Config writing
»Animating Characters

»Importing various Assets in the Arma 3 (RV4) Engine

If I have not listed the skill you require, you can still hit me up!
I'm always happy to learn something new and to reinvent how things can work in Arma 3.

Thanks alot for taking your time to read this, you deserve a Medal :)

Authorised Projects
Check the Spreadsheet in my Discord.
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CVN-83 "USS Freedom"
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