Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
But we all got a Chicken-Duck-Woman-thing, waiting for us.

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I have been mostly active on Discord lately, so its easier to contact me there, unless I am playing a game.

Sometimes I clear up my friend list of people who never talk. Can still contact me on discord.

Favorite Genres: RPGs, Strategy (Real Time only if micromanagement is low), Simulators\Management.

I like playing games organically, not researching hit boxes, min-maxing and similar ways to increase win chance. On games where character skills matter, I can only play when everyone is on a equal footing, I dislike being carried by people who are higher level and one shot everything.

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the struggle is real

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#1 of the Cult of Louie
FantasyKT Dec 5 @ 8:27pm 
Oui Oui, mon amour...c'est moi!
FantasyKT Dec 5 @ 7:12pm 
DTona1 Dec 2 @ 3:30pm 
mano vi um comentário seu sobre placa de video, a nvidea nao localiza o cs e estou cm fps 30 plca de video e gtx 1050
Sonrisal Nov 21 @ 4:37pm 
Sonrisal Nov 18 @ 10:05am 
sdds corvolindo