Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
But we all got a Chicken-Duck-Woman-thing, waiting for us.

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Some info before adding me
I have been mostly active on Discord lately, so its easier to contact me there, unless I am playing a game.

Although I may frequently post in forums (usually when I am in a more social phase), I am a introvert so dont assume I am into adding new people I do not know beforehand, that said if I feel you share similar interests or we talked often in boards you are welcome to add me.

I love sending random things I find on the internet and reading the reaction\thoughts of people in my list, if you arent into commenting about things like games\funny stuff, better not to add me. There are exceptions of course, if our talks are great but you are not into this I can ignore that.

If we dont talk for a long time (either through messages or even the activity feed) and I feel this wont change in the future, I will probably erase you, unless we were great friends in the past. I dont see a point in having folks on my list that I dont talk to, collecting people is not for me. If you are shy and dont like to initiate conversations thats not a problem as long as we have a good talk when I start it.

Like I wrote previously, I havent been using steam chat as much lately, so ignore this.

Favorite Genres: RPGs, Strategy (Real Time only if micromanagement is low), Simulators\Management.

Games that made the biggest impact in my life (not necessarily the best games ever): clicky [] (it stops on page 6, the site is bugged, watch for the lit heart icon).

I like playing games organically, not researching hit boxes, min-maxing and similar ways to increase win chance. On games where character skills matter, I can only play when everyone is on a equal footing, I have no fun if I am level 5 and a level 40 joins and just one-shot everything and carry people around.

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Ernst Eselstahl Aug 10 @ 10:49am 
Princeofiowa Jul 25 @ 6:22pm 
Even cooler when you realize he's a penguin.
Yeliena Jul 25 @ 2:28pm 
+rep, he's cool for a platypus
Sonrisal Jul 23 @ 6:12pm 
Olá Corvo, tudo bem com voce? deve ser a primeira vez que nao faço um comentario sob efeito de dorgas vamos marcar de jogar alguma coisa!
até mais
Sonrisal May 6 @ 10:40pm 
joguei sim, so nao fui muito longe
gubertuber Apr 23 @ 5:30pm