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What an incredible disappointment.

The game tries so hard to be Portal combined with The Talos Principle and really fails at both. There isn't any of the wit or humor from the former, and none of the existential philosophy or creativity of the latter. Even when it tries to be its own game, the terrible voice acting, glitches, and slow loads will distract you from what the developers are trying to call a plot. If you can call it that. Every twist was predictable and none of your character choices matter. Not even the "big one" at the end.

Ignoring the story for a bit, even the gameplay is a travesty. 70 puzzles sounds like a lot, but you'll fly through and 100% the game in just a few hours. Every area has a single solution, and doesn't reward the player for creativity. Which is funny, because the developers were remarkably creative in coming up with the rooms, because there is almost zero consistency between any of them or their constituent elements. No matter, the player still has to slog through them with the clunkiest of control systems.

From both ends I really can't recommend it.
Posted May 26, 2019.
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Showing 1-1 of 1 entries