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I made RN SCP i guess
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Endless Void is a dead group
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Created by - Nemesis and MalO
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This is a guide for the players of breach that need a bit of guidance on how to play on the [RN SCP] server. This guide will have information on all the roles and some tips and tricks on how to win.
Info about this prick.
I like to collect cool emoticons so i'm gonna showcase my good ones


About this person
Name : MalO
Age : 21
Birthday date : August 28th (1998)
Sexuality : Heterosexual
Personality type :Mediator(INFP-T) changed to Protagonist(ENFJ-T)
Favourite games : Team Fortress 2, Town of Salem, Killing Floor 2, No More Room in Hell , Worms , Plants vs Zombies 1-2 , Zombie Army Trilogy , Night in the Woods, Jackbox Games
Languages :Hungarian, English , Romanian, forgot 80% of german.
What i like/dislike. [NOTE: VERY OUTDATED]

Likes : Exploding Kittens, Deltarune + OST, VoiceoverPete, Attack on Titan, Inuyashiki, Gatis Kandis, Bryan Dechart(Connor), Aggressive Retsuko, Playing Jackbox, Jesus Christ,Rick n Morty, Shiba Inu:Dogeface: , Pizza:pizzaslice:,Shaorma ,Beer:dwarfbeer:, playing games:HangingController: , going out , smoking , bycicle , Buses:bus:(it's weird but i do) ,Zootopia ,Death Note:OldNote:, Undertale + OST:papyrus:, TF2 , zombie movies/series:Kenny::dizombie:, hosting a server , Filthy Frank(formerly since he quit for music instead) & iDubbbztv/maxmoefoe , Markiplier , ComedyShortsGamer , Vinesauce , Eltorrorus , The Winglet , campfire:campfireonfield:, spending time with someone , weird videos , weird things , Cats:tabbycat:, Dogs:sunglassesDoge:, Parrots(i had one :sadelf:) , staying home , being lazy:steambored:, travelling:HappyCompass:, roleplaying , Moon:moon:, driving:DElorRM:, unusual hats/taunts(TF2), Saxton Hale, Melonpan, Negan(TWD),
Michael Rooker, INNA, BGO, Life is Strange, SCP Universe(no shit), Dr. Bright, Mircea Bravo,
STBlackST There will be more just i can't say them all in time(new ones are always added on top):toriel:

Dislikes : Valentines Day(because im :steamsalty:), New Year, Pokemon GO , Morons , Bullies , Annoying people, very hot weather , stairs , subways , lawyers and Francis, Pyros , Soup , Ratatouille , anything which has no meat in it. ,*censored*, Furries:angrycrank:(the cringy ones only now) , Feminists , Weeaboos:azuki2:(except Melonpan) , Pewdiefans(formerly) , :csgogun:myself , mean people , Dota 2 and LoL type of games , pay 2 win games , singing , football:dtoBall: (most of the sports) scammers , sharkers , lowballers and highballers(trading) , betrayal , Manyland(formerly now) , Underaged children using microphone, being called a furry,Fandom of Undertale and FnaF:torielsad:, Fandom of NITW, terrorists, rule-breakers, people suggesting to add new scps, racism(very much), people that pick on staff, the word "abuse", people that complain a lot, people who don't listen when i help, impersonators(fake-youtubers for example), Rust, EA, scripters that don't provide support, horrible modelers, people begging me to advertise their server, Overused Adolf Hitler jokes, Grammar Nazi, Overused Soviet jokes Later i will write more here now im too lazy for this shit


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Nigel's Movie server - Public Group
RN SCP wants to give you Nostalgia during the outbreak. One necksnap at the time.
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Trade meeeeeeeeeeee
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375 Hours played
I always loved realistic zombie games such as The Walking Dead.
If you love Zombie Apocalypse games and objective co-op missions, you definitely must get this game.

+ It's free but so much content
+ Has replay value
+ Custom maps , servers
+ Realistic animations and really good ones.

Sometimes if you lag out the movement is really terrible.

NMRiH 2 is coming. CAN'T WAIT PEOPLE
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I dunno its my first map
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Created by - MalO
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