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friend shit
If you say or know someone who says enough dumb or suspect shit, you TOO! can be apart of this amazing piece of this Team Fortress 2 Deathrun history!

The emojis are next to the people who I am personally friends with.

Milk 🥛
[Master] Milk : oj simpson did nothing wrong, i would have killed my wife too
[Master] Milk : just cock
*DEAD* [Master] Milk : a baby just may be like a natural fleshlight
#31 [Weeb] Milk : shit map fuck skial fuck bun bun fuck all the maps fuck the admins
#33 [Master] Milk : i hope you all die
*DEAD* [Master] Milk : yall retards make me hate this and myself
Milk has renamed their The Hunger Force to Fat Nigga Vore
*DEAD* [Master] Milk : Ctrl : im a virgin shut up

titus 👻
*DEAD* titus : man fuck this game
titus : i will fucking shoot you
titus : fortnite

Prismo 😹
*DEAD* #34 [NoLife] Prismo : weed you're genuinely one of the most irritating fuckwads ive ever met on dr
#32 [NoLife] Prismo : [Weeb] Sailor Noot: i want to have sex with the prismo
*DEAD* #31 [NoLife] Prismo : if you fuck a ham sandwich, is it considered beastiality or necrophilia
#51 [NoLife] Prismo : nikola has a very colorful taste in porn so to say

kirb 🐶
#2 kirb : #31 [Weeb] Milk : shit map fuck skial fuck bun bun fuck all the maps fuck the admins
#2 kirb : {Warrior] kneecap : get off my penis g
#2 kirb : when u get fucked by high ping
#2 [Princess] kirb : shut uop admin
#1 kirb : why everybody is ding

Crinitus 🐤
#309 [Furry] Crinitus : that minigame is just a reminder that god is dead
*DEAD* #294 [Furry] Crinitus : [Queen] No sauce, radio™ : shut your hole, before I take you to Weenie Hut Jr.s
#246 [Furry] Crinitus : what if we fucked on dr_office's hale zone while killing our teammates?
#222 [Furry] Crinitus : shit, it's kneesus christ
*DEAD* #126 [Furry] Crinitus : sharti, commit die
*DEAD* #46 [Furry] Crinitus : k n e e s u s

Homosexual Cocaineaddictus 🌈
#12 Homosexual Cocaineaddictus : fat cok
*DEAD* #18 Homosexual Cocaineaddictus : tnice one faggot

*DEAD* [Furry] ChristianBrutalSniper : Just because I suck your dick doesnt make you my friend
[Furry] ChristianBrutalSniper : Okay. That was epic.
*DEAD* [Furry] ChristianBrutalSniper : (ó ꒳ ò✿) If it makes you feel better, I'll suck your pp nice n good
[Furry] ChristianBrutalSniper : (ꈍ ᴗ ꈍ✿) Thank you Daddy
[Furry] ChristianBrutalSniper : *chuckles* It's like christmas morning.
*DEAD* [Furry] ChristianBrutalSniper : (ó ꒳ ò✿) If it makes you feel better, I'll suck your pp nice n good

Toastie 🍞
Toastie : i guess you could say
Toastie : he got his kneecaps stuck
*DEAD* Toastie : We here at Valve sincerely apologize for that random crit.
Toastie: perhaps

The Clingy Nikola
[Furry] The Clingy Nikola ˘ω˘ : youre fapping to this shit?
[Furry] The Clingy Nikola ˘ω˘ : ayem too young for this
[Furry] The Clingy Nikola ˘ω˘ : dont you dare destroy my future
[Furry] The Clingy Nikola ˘ω˘ : aye wann go back to yiff prison

small malnourished child
[Noob] small malnourished child : pee pee = good
*DEAD* [Noob] small malnourished child : what a fucking kneegar
*DEAD* [Noob] small malnourished child : Cock and ball torture from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia at
*DEAD* [Noob] small malnourished child : sister fister
*DEAD* [Noob] small malnourished child : fuck skial and their outdated maps

*DEAD* #142 [Furry] Awes : I like when mario rapes to me
*DEAD* #9 [Noob] Awes : Joygamer34 : ts : mee tired now*DEAD* #45 [Ghastly] Crinitus : he was afk[Overlord] esc and s key broken : oh ok[VSH] You g
*DEAD* #156 [Furry] Awes : real gamers chase the skeleton

Arti 😎
#112 [Baron] Arti : *chuckles* I can feel myself slowly getting more retarded.
#94 [Baron] Arti : Guys, this might be off-topic but I just took the FATTEST shit of my life. Like, I think I'm still bleeding.
*DEAD* #94 [Baron] Arti : Oh yeah? If cum is so good, why is there no Cum 2?

The Billycock Spy
*DEAD* #46 [Furry] The Billycock Spy : what if we use the vagina of the sex bot as a coin slot?
#45 [Furry] The Billycock Spy : i once thought of drinking my own piss
#44 [Furry] The Billycock Spy : its hard to start a conversation sometimes

Sailor Noot 🎩
#222 [Empress] Spooky Noot : shit dude why is pyro so fucking thicc

Cash Banooka has renamed their The Big Earner to Ass Blaster
곶지니어 : hey drunken nigger go straight
Val 'Shaldom : Oh I don't need to experiment with anyone to know I like dick
Stinky wizzleteats : I am the milkman my milk is delicious
okperson : so necrophilia is where you draw the line, huh
*DEAD* okperson : it's considered a free ticket to hell
*DEAD* [Trump] No soap, radio™ : i want to rape the bitch tits that created those fucking boxes
#123 [Jolly] King Cook : uh-oh, stinky!
[God] Science : sometimes I like to roll around in Vaseline and pretend I'm a slug
#123 [Jolly] King Cook : there's a bind for you
#33 [Lord] ♪MeteorCai ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ♬ : i love porn
*SPEC* #36 [Hat] General Butt Naked : i want sans in smash
[Overlord] ΜΔŞŦ€Ř ĦØŇG : If you are warm it means you are alive
[Member] ❅Dustyyyy : im not gay but i'd totally have gay sex
#58 [Duck] ƸӜƷ tiny but whole ƸӜƷ : : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[Hat] ♦ Maple ♦ : lol there is no such thing as gay people
#15 [Skial] xXLeEpicGaymer4605Xx : fred flintstone says yabba dabba doo and takes a shit on the mario 64 slide and it goes all the way down and covers mario
G-Force ++++++++++++++++++++bF2 : Rape Time
[Overlord] ΜΔŞŦ€Ř ĦØŇG : Time to use the Vagina bomb
*DEAD* [Hat] ♦ Maple ♦ : not everyone wants to see someone get fucked with their ribcage open
*DEAD* porn hub : that gay
[Furry] ShinyDarkus : stop censored art >:C
[Warrior] Vile : C O C K A N D B A L L T O R T U R E
*DEAD* #197 [Gnome] gaylord 69 : prepare for masturbaition
#515 [Emperor] Weed : So we back in my ass, got our dicks swinging from side to side, side side to side
*DEAD* #152 [Furry] Zelaird Gervik : I shove Alduin's draconic cock down my throat to compensate for lack of skill
*DEAD* #152 [Furry] Zelaird Gervik : AT-AT : shut the fucking up
#307 [Yeet] SȺłŧɏ ȻȺssħɇw : Shut it you kneeguard
#35 [Hat] General Butt Naked : dont shot my dick
*DEAD* [Warrior] Vile : commit toaster bath
*DEAD* [Master] ♪ : Vocal percussion on a whole 'nother level coming from my mind! Vocal percussion on a whole 'nother level coming from my mind!
*SPEC* [Member] [SCI/IJWTB]Azazel.exe : True Fact 4: Sonan is f***ing gay. Gayer than a f***ing idiot.
[Member] soup8 : guess i win sonans cock
UN_FORASTERO : why everybody is ding
*SPEC* Hell-met : thats disrespectful to nazis
*DEAD* #223 [Furry] Lil Cookie Fox : what is bad being gay?
dedede : i am incel gamer
engie fly: WRYYYYYYYY
*DEAD* Lolbarky : what if we were to put our beds together heh jk jk...
Ðaiʀø [Ger] : lol noob
*DEAD*(TEAM) #21 [Lord] Sir Chicken A Lot : why mrdallas get premealban
#57 [Master] Burning Mann : i want to stick the buzz lightyear cup up my anus
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