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RIP Josh Marji
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viper Sep 30 @ 4:16pm 
kotton, more like bad at running servers amirite
Brandon -RIP Angus- Sep 15 @ 12:57pm 
This is the old account of Angus Quinten Hornfeck. I am his cousin Brandon and I am going to be using his steam account to honor his memory. Everything after this will be left unchanged from the way Angus made his profile.

39 years old. 12 years of service in the Special Forces. Retired crypto-millionaire. CS Since 2003. Ex-Pro. Trying to climb my way back.

Recruiting for Team Gumption. Comment and message Angus1337.
leoNx22 Jul 23 @ 4:42am 
Hi, I have some questions about hosting a server :)
Findeeney Jul 1 @ 6:15pm 
Kotton, more like Cotton
Karuth Jun 7 @ 4:10pm 
Hey there! I have a server but i cant install the knife round thing i would love if you would help me
Sev May 23 @ 10:51am 
:steamthumbsup: Dickies Pants
:csgoanarchist: Stinks
:steamfacepalm: Is Poop
:steamthumbsdown: Holds Nades in the open
:steammocking: Someone who suck peepee badly!

:milk: Carton B)