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I Believe In Sid Sawant And JuaN_Avi


1. What do you call a Deagle Blaze with an iBP sticker on it?

A flamethrower

2. What did the smg say to his son when he dropped him of at school?


I like my guns how I like my girls, Minimal Wear

3. Me: “2 short”

Teammates: “That’s what she said”

4. How do I know the terrorists hate Lord of the Rings? They always say “No more Tolkein now we fight!”

5. What do you do when a Russian player throws a grenade at you?

Pull the pin and throw it back.

6. 4/0/4 Assist not found.

7. You know you’ve played too much CS when you consider grabbing a knife from the kitchen before going out for a run.

8. I don’t always get flashbanged, but when I do, it’s because I threw it.

9. Play CS:GO for the first time, asks team what is the password to the bomb.

10. 64 tick matchmaking servers

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✖They talk about my .... I Don't know:(.
✖My favorite weapon is Ak47. <3
✖Sensitivity 1.35 - DPI 400
✖High Setting

✔ Sid_SawanT-My_Captain_My_Big_BrO_with_pure Skills
:SBalloon: Angel- My life My love 😍
✔ Kirthi_Shetty-My FrnD My First CS Mate
✔ Yash_D-Try Hard In silvers
✔ AVI - The_Real_JuaN
✔ Abhishek_Dorice-My Friend_who_guide me Till globaL
✔ Hoomam-Man_with_LIT_knifes_<3
✔ RitesH-Silver_by_Skills_Global_by_Attitude
✔ Dijo_J - Pure Skills_Who IS GLOBAL
✔ HarraN_GE-Global_By_SkillS
✔ Satyajeet_S1cK 1 taps <3
✔ Yash Dani_Always there for perfect calls with Some gaanja
✔ Horizon_Less Talk More Play
✔ Syth - Baccha With KIDS SKILLS

My Pc specs

Monitor - Acer GN246HL 144HZ
Processor- Intel_i5_7400
Ram- Corsair Vengeance-8GB
Graphics- MSI_GTX_1060_6GB
Mouse- Razor Deathadder
Keyboard- Zebronics Transformer 7 Color LED

Launch Options
-console -refresh 144 -freq 144 -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -novid -tickrate 128 -high -threads 4 +cl_interp_ratio 2 +rate 128000 +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_cmdrate 128 +mat_queue_mode 2 -language bananagaming +snd_use_hrtf 0 -high

✖Now Gamers don't always believe that an epic win is possible and that it's always worth trying, and trying now.
✖Gamers don't sit around.
✖Gamer don't die they get_RekT
✖ Its jusT a GAmE stay HappY don't RagE

✖Never let your teammate fight alone Help him play energetic


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