Kiss(HUN) *;--;*
*;--;*   Nagykoros, Pest, Hungary
(not accepting random friend/group invites, comment if you want something)
trade terms and other stuffs in :red_pointer: "more info"

these terms are created for the general random offers.:TickTock:

1:1 the cards are same set.
1:1 + 10 gem, cross sets IF i have a duplicate card.
1:2 i dont have a duplicate card.
if you offering cards from a game what i dont have i probably accept, but dont take this for 100%.(my inventory is not a trash dump:ldtrash:)
in multi-card trading(3:3,4:5,so on) I will keep my eye :2017eyeball: on the card prices, if your trade offer worth much less than what you want i going to counter offer, sorry i am not a charity company.
(+ i am never trading my marketable cards for removed cards/backround/emoticons/ect...)

you dont have mobile authenticator?:TFTBrokenCellPhone: no problem i still accept your offer, but you need to put some extras in the offer... 15 day is a looong time, longer than long cat.

(trustworthy traders/friends in my friend list still can trade whit me without restrictions)

you have also trade terms?:2016gameingame: well i dont give a damn about you terms, you came to me offering trade, accept my terms... or walk away.:ConversationEnder:

:hwstar::openflame: HALL OF FAME :openflame::hwstar:
list of gifts and donations, thanks for everyone. :luf:

:2sword: HALL OF SHAME :2sword:

(currently 3 Impostor in steam whit my name)
(and 1 suspicious person)

the amount of scum placed himself in admin and moderation position is ridiculous.
(Do not take it personally if not suit you)
steamgift moderator(name:Fyantastic) suspended me for 4 days because i get "lucky" and winned one game (2,99€) two times many months ago because the website cannot recognize your ownersip on the actual DLC(arcane re-rise item pack), instead of fixing this problem they are suspending or banning everybody who are falling accidentally in this trap.
fail moderation...

proifile avatar pictue usage suspended because the steam moderator eye get hurt by two painted barely visible ti.ts.

get banned from offical war tunder forum (name:shaolinmonk) because i dared to post this "broken game"

get kicked from cpt froggy group because i answered one ppl question...

get kicked from Steady Giveaways because i published my observations about the not working options in the old giveaway site.(verifying entry, ect)

Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! *slams desk*

playing zombie panic! souce since 2007 december.
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:ReadInstructions:list of backrounds emoticons and cards what i want to trading away, not listed items obviously not up for trading.(outdated) trade link

dont send me shitty "1 removed card for my 100gem offers" i am not eating these arguments "removed/banned cards are very rare" and "this card are super valuable" and so on... no thanks.

mr. cpt froggy and his shamefull bully reaction...
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MarineMan Apr 20 @ 10:21pm 
wow u are so sexy
Kiss(HUN) *;--;* Apr 4 @ 3:29pm 
THiNK Apr 4 @ 3:26pm 
Googled how to delete gems on Steam, found your profile in forum, please take my gems as they annoy the #@$% out of me in my inventory :) .. Thanks
CatBrain Apr 2 @ 3:45pm 
add me as a friend?
CatBrain Apr 2 @ 3:33pm 
awhile ago XD
CatBrain Apr 2 @ 3:33pm 
i played war thunder with u