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16 NOV 2018 a las 5:55
En el tema Concerns about game.
I wouldn't worry about it. I always say there's a place and time for everything and I would never let mindless ero fanservice distract from the story. Valhalla already spoke for us in that regard and Nirvana will do so as well.
19 OCT 2018 a las 9:36
En el tema Mouse not working
It only registers clicks when you swap cards, but the options and other buttons only respond to the keyboard, making the game experience... quite bad. Is this a bug of some kind?
23 JUL 2017 a las 6:55
En el tema Discordo
Feel free to join. It has NSFW channels and NSFW users so be conscious of that.
Mostrando 1-3 de 3 aportaciones