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16 nov 2018, ore 5:55
Nella discussione Concerns about game.
I wouldn't worry about it. I always say there's a place and time for everything and I would never let mindless ero fanservice distract from the story. Valhalla already spoke for us in that regard and Nirvana will do so as well.
19 ott 2018, ore 9:36
Nella discussione Mouse not working
It only registers clicks when you swap cards, but the options and other buttons only respond to the keyboard, making the game experience... quite bad. Is this a bug of some kind?
18 set 2018, ore 23:38
Nella discussione Announcing Cyberpunk Bartender Action N1RV Ann-A! Coming in 2020
17 nov 2017, ore 16:14
Nella discussione
4 ago 2017, ore 22:44
Nella discussione League deleted after altering CPU logic
Messaggio originale di Koldnova:
Yea you edited the wrestler. That WILL delete league/tourney. Once you start one of these you absolutely CAN NOT make any changes to participants. That's how I delete tourneys by removing wrestler and resubscribing.

Aaa, that sucks. I was modding the CPU logic because I wanted the finals to feel even more epic.
4 ago 2017, ore 16:04
Nella discussione League deleted after altering CPU logic
What it says on the tin. I doubt this is patch related, so I'm making a new thread. Basically, I altered the CPU logic of one of the participants and that seemed to wipe the league completely.

That said... I'm mad, we were pretty far in...
I hope the Spike staff stumbles upon this thread! What I'm about to write are very plausible ways to implement a few presentation improvements in a way that budget and time can be respected.

These suggestions are made mostly from the perspective of a fellow game developer, but keep in mind I don't exactly know how the current Fire Pro tools work, so please beer with me.

Entrances in small arenas (Yorakuen Hall for example)

Historically these never had entrances, not even in Returns, but even back then I figured a very "simple" way that could probably be achieved without creating new assets.

I put together this video in just a few minutes to demonstrate it. Please watch it!

Taunts before the matches

Since we can't have proper announcers, the next best thing you guys can do are bring back the taunts before the matches that were present in Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium (boy, did I play this back in the day!), that mimic the real life presentations without the need of voices.

This video is not mine, but it shows how it worked in that particular title. Please go to minute 1:32:


The following are no longer in the "easy" part of this post, but mostly my personal wishlist of features.

Bring back all the old arenas!

Please bring back the rest of the arenas from Returns! they're all here in this imgur folder:

Let us edit the corner padding!

Fire Pro Returns had the BLADE ring (parody of PRIDE I think, pictured in the imgur gallery I linked), and it was unique because it had some logos in the ring posts, and I hope the new logo editor (mentioned in the stream as already in but not completed) is capable of letting us make designs for that part of the ring.

Misc. oddities I've found

One last bit of feedback would be that currently the count out seems to be bugged in a weird way. If you go out of the ring for 15 seconds (just an example, could be 10 or 5), go to the ring and then outside again, the ref will end the match after 5 seconds.

I think the game does not reset the count out number when you go back to the ring.

Also, if you enter the ring with a weapon, the ref will start counting, and he will keep doing it even if you get out of the ring with the weapon equipped. Dunno if this is intentional (I don't remember it happening in Returns), but it seems a bit awkward.
23 lug 2017, ore 6:55
Nella discussione Discordo
Feel free to join. It has NSFW channels and NSFW users so be conscious of that.
12 lug 2017, ore 19:31
Nella discussione Fix for the fullscreen/black screen thing on Windows 10
Messaggio originale di Ghost:
Just to report: on a laptop running W10 x64 1703 with Intel HD 4400 Graphics (latest driver 15.40) there was no black screen problem. On the other hand, on a W10 x64 desktop with a AMD HD7870 I've faced it right after installation, and it was solved by setting AlternateSyncMethod=1 (without this fix, changing compatibility mode did also work).

If setting AlternateSyncMethod=1 isn't problematic for most systems, maybe you could consider having it set by default to broaden compatibility under W10, given that more and more people will be using it in the future.

Yeah I think we'll do that. I just hope it doesn't bring problems for operating systems older than W10.
9 lug 2017, ore 3:15
Nella discussione Cloud Save not working between Win and Mac?
We'll look into the Mac sync issue, but FYI: Cross platform cloud saving is not supported by Steam as far as we know.
3 lug 2017, ore 18:12
Nella discussione Fix for the fullscreen/black screen thing on Windows 10
Run the game in compatibility mode for Windows 8 or 7

There are two ways to do that listed in the link below, it will take you less than five minutes.

Alternatively, thrash that meme operating system and get a real one :B1:

This might work too:
26 apr 2017, ore 4:53
Nella discussione Patch
9 mar 2017, ore 20:38
Nella discussione Create-a-move anyone?
Messaggio originale di Arachnid Soul:
3D characters have skeletons. Fire Pro has Sprites that don't. So it's harder than many thing to have a move creator suite in game for Fire Pro players. It would be cool though.

Fire Pro sprites don't work like traditional 2d animation. They, like 3D models, have spines and the drawings you see that make up a character just rotate and change perspective depending how you move.
7 mar 2017, ore 23:33
Nella discussione Think the DEV team reads this forum?
Messaggio originale di Spike Chunsoft:
Boo! We do have native English speakers on the team as well:mcowh_fire:

Early Access will be fun!
7 mar 2017, ore 22:38
Nella discussione Create-a-move anyone?
From a development standpoint... It should be possible, if you divide moves in "phases" than can be chained with different animations; no different from the old create-a-move from Smackdown vs Raw.

Sounds a bit too much for their budget though, so I really hope the early access model can sustain the team for enough time to actually write that feature in.
7 mar 2017, ore 22:32
Nella discussione Curiosity about specs
Messaggio originale di The King Possum:
Messaggio originale di Senator Phillips:

If this is anywhere near as deep and complete as Fire Pro Returns, then it's worth more than a dollar. Don't just judge by the graphics.

right now that is all I have to judge it by as I did not see a demo for it. did I miss the demo or what? and having grown up in the era of these type of games I feel safe to say that in 2017, while graphics are not the most important part of a game, it is a selling point. they would have to make game play smooth and amazing, custmize controls, CAW, a detailed story that draws me in, move set would have to be almost unlimited for the game to be worth any real money price.

You pretty much described what Fire Pro Wrestling is, lol! it has all that and then some.
7 mar 2017, ore 22:27
Nella discussione Musings from an old mod maker
Heck yeah. I think it'd be great if they give us a head editor or at least some kind of mod support to import my own alpha images.

I'm so excited for this, can't wait to create a nice joshi puro fed.
7 mar 2017, ore 22:18
Nella discussione Unofficial Wishlist Thread
From the top of my head I'd honestly like custom entrance themes, being able to edit the corners of the ring (so i can, for example, create a NJPW ring with the advertisement on them), and maybe, if it looks good, full entrances where we can see the character entering the ring.

Now, some advanced I stuff I'd love:

-Full customization of the graphics: Being able to edit the textures of the game to make better crowds, create new faces, body types, clothing, etc.

-GM mode, so I can be able to simulate my leagues fully inside the game instead of keeping track of it in a excel sheet like I'm doing now with my Returns and WWE 2k16 leagues, lol. Returns had a Match Maker mode but it was pretty barebones compared to the ones in previous games, so it'd be a return to form.

-Would be cool if we could get a story mode like the one in Fire Pro Wrestling Special, ♥♥♥♥ would be cash.


One last thing I forgot to mention: Custom sound effects, or at least mod support so I can swap the sounds from returns to this game. I don't like how muffled the impacts sound when you hit the mat in this version. You guys should go back to FPR for the sounds!
14 feb 2017, ore 10:30
Nella discussione Prologue Redux is here!
13 feb 2017, ore 12:31
Nella discussione 14.8 MB patch ?
The patch isn't finished yet and somebody pushed it by accident. We rolled back to the previous build, and we'll be releasing the thing tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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