Andrey Antsut   Kyyiv, Ukraine
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I ignore friend requests from people I don't know. If you have a reason to add me - please tell me about it first (through forums or profile comments).

:wvwarning: Cards :wvwarning:

Note: I don't have a lot of cards to trade lately, so these rules are not very important at the moment... :SadRoehm:

- SteamTrade Matcher [] offers are welcome!
- 1:1 same set if you take a duplicate and offer anything.
- 1:1 same set if you take anything and offer something else I don't have.
- I don't check individual card prices for 1:1 same set offers.
- Cross-set with your cards having at least as much total value as you ask for, if you offer cards from:
-- my current unfinished sets;
-- my wishlist sets (see below);
- Number of cards ratio for cross-set trades can be anything - 1:1, 1:2, 3:2 or whatever else is fair, based on card values.
- Card values are either steam market sell values minus fees (easiest way to check these is Steam Inventory Helper plugin for Chrome []), or credits.
- No foils, please. But if I happen to have a foil you want, you can have it for normal cards of similar total value (according to foil's latest actual sales).
- Cards from my full sets (not yet crafted) are not for sale. They might just be waiting for a good time to craft (like a big steam sale).
- Anything from Far Cry Primal is not for sale, ever. Except maybe an occasional same-set trade (FCP for FCP).

:wvwarning: Cards wishlist :wvwarning:

Far Cry Primal
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Ori and the Blind Forest
Pillars of Eternity
Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition
Seasons after Fall
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Tormentum - Dark Sorrow
Vlad the Impaler

I would gladly buy any cards (duplicates or not) from these games. I also won't sell them for other cards. Might only consider exceptions for other wishlist cards.

:wvwarning: Backgrounds :wvwarning:

I am mostly collecting them for myself, but I might trade something once in a while. If you think you can make a good offer, I'm open to considering it, but no promises. Note that if I have a full set of backgrounds for a game, I am much less likely to trade any of them.

:wvwarning: Emoticons :wvwarning:

I don't see much value in these, so I'm open to practically any trade as long as it is fair (according to market prices and / or gems value).

:wvwarning: Gems :wvwarning:

For any trades, I will consider 10 gems roughly equal to 1 cent of net market value (i.e. 1000 gems = $1). However, I won't trade expensive items ($0.5 and more) just for a sack of gems.

:wvwarning: Other :wvwarning:

- I am absolutely not interested in items from CS:GO, TF2, Dota 2 and the like. Please don't offer these for anything, I won't even bother researching their prices.
- I don't have any use for most coupons I get for crafting, so if you see a coupon you want, you can have it for free.
- Other than that, no begging. I'm not giving away any items (except coupons) for nothing to random people who just decided to ask for them. Such "offers" will be declined on sight. Repeated offenders will be blocked.
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Kirinyale Jul 20 @ 3:59am 
No problem :SmileyRoehm:
HEKAU Jul 19 @ 1:29pm 
Thank you very much for the card trade, I greatly appreciate it!